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Sanction card / Booster card: 1/7/2014 13:14:26

PSV Supporter
Level 57
Sometime I see games where the Sanction card is adjusted the way it works as a sort of booster card.
Instead of a possitive number, a negative number is inserted. A double negative (Sanction is negative) is a positive. So if a sanction card is invoked to a person, this person will not have a smaller income, but a bigger income! Game creators often use it in a sort of cheating. They sanction thereself, giving them a bigger army. And if they meet an opponent, the opponent will for almost sure sanction the game creator again, giving him another advantage against the opponents.

First of all: It's very easy to overlook this at the setting. In the settings is displayed for example: "in 3 pieces to reduce a player's income by -50% for 1 turn". If you read quickly it may seem the player's income is the half smaller. But instead, it's 150%. (in this case).

I think it must be impossible to put a negative number there.

Second thing: I think it can be an addition to the game, especially teamgames if there was a sort of Booster card. (a negative Sanctions card). It makes it possible to improve a players income for X turns by Y%. A bit different than a reinforcment card.

How do you think of this?
Sanction card / Booster card: 1/7/2014 13:19:05

Level 58
just pay more attention to games with sanction cards, problem solved! :)
Sanction card / Booster card: 1/7/2014 13:21:29

PSV Supporter
Level 57
Sure. Always read the settings very carefully. But that's not my point.
I think every frequent player has run into this kind of 'trap' games. I think it's easy to solve by the game creator. (Fizzler)
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