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World war 2320 problem: 4/8/2017 12:53:24

Level 44
I'm having way to much trouble with the boss on this map. No matter what I do he always beelines for me, leaves a border for one turn, then mows me down. And if I run away into Europe and Asia, The AIs have too many resources and by the time I grab one or two bonuses, the boss reaches Spain and Asia and mops up all my territory. I have read many strategy guides regarding this and none of them seem to help. For example, how do you "attack him from behind" and how does the boss "help you"?
World war 2320 problem: 4/8/2017 18:24:31

Level 62
World war 2320 problem: 4/9/2017 18:23:56

Level 44
Ok, they helped a little. I managed to at least make more than 10 armies a turn, but the boss managed to break through and I didn't get enough resources to continue my strategy of having my armies come in from behind the border to protect the territory.

EDIT 3: I finally managed to beat this level yesterday, so here is my strategy for those who are having trouble.

P.S: for those who don't get the terminology used, the boss is not the actual enemy, the boss is the enemy's commander, so attacking the territories behind him means that you are attacking all of his territories without the commander.

1: prepare for spawning: always have armies surrounding the boss, however leave one territory with 0 for him to move there so he doesn't have to kill a stack of your armies.. He spawns a lot of armies and you need to prepare.

2: expand everywhere to gain many bonuses but don't panic: the only thing you can't attack is the territory with a commander. Even if he does reach a large bonus and takes a territory, you should have gained many of his bonuses by then, so you should be fine.

3: Europe and Asia: this is probably the hardest part of the level. The AI's will be there and there will be a large stack somewhere, and Norway is extremely hard to defend with all of it's bordering territories. However, once you gained every territory in North America except for the boss, It gets really easy to expand into Europe and Asia. The AI's might show a little bit of resistance due to your attacks failing, but eventually you will take their territory if you deploy enough armies to successfully attack it.

4: The Final Stretch: Once you start receiving 100+ armies per turn, keep attacking any AI's that are left, but start making large stacks to kill the boss with. In my game he started attacking the territories with larger stacks near the end of the game, weakening him considerably, and thus making it easier. If he does this to you, you are actually very lucky. You don't have to make a huge stack just to kill him now. Once the boss has a small amount of armies (the small number in his territory), deploy armies over this number around his territory. His attack will fail and he will lose a considerable amount of armies, then you can attack him, and beat this level once and for all.

just a small note here: you can sort of guide the boss by having a territory of 0 armies and all other territories that border him have a significant amount, like 10 - 20. he will move to the territory with 0 armies.

Edited 4/15/2017 12:09:44
Posts 1 - 3 of 3   

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