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Recon cards on order list, but not shown on map: 6/26/2017 07:55:31

Level 57
This has bothered me for long enough, that when you review a game and see player playing reconnaissance card on X territory it is not show on the map. It prints the name of territory, but one has do know the map territories by heart or use workarounds. Blockage, emergency (abandon), bomb all are show the territory where they were placed. But reconnaissance card is not shown - not sure but I believe same is in case of surveillance card.

Simple workaround is to use Show perspective of X player - to see where one placed it. Or use search territories-bonuses from the setting window. But I do hope in the future it will be changed like other cards (or when tapped on order list it shows its location on the map - like picking order list). It would save time when reviewing ended games.

I do not see point user-voicing it. I just wanted to let developers know. I do not think I am the only one who finds it bothering. Especially when there could be easy fix to that.
Recon cards on order list, but not shown on map: 6/26/2017 08:04:43

Level 67
Hopefully it gets added into unity.

Another way to find out where its placed is to zoom really far in, and then click on the recon card order in the orders list.
Recon cards on order list, but not shown on map: 6/26/2017 09:30:04

Level 57
True, that works as well. But on huge maps its awful for me - so laggy, slow and sometimes crashes. But on 1v1 Ladder Templates it does the trick.
Posts 1 - 3 of 3   

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