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Multi-Game Diplomacy: 9/12/2017 02:22:57

Level 50
I am creating a multi-game diplomacy in which several games are active at once, and each is a country. These are each diplomacies. These countries then can choose to invade another game. When they do so, they blockade armies (it is a 100% of armies card) and I (who will be in each map in a small blocked off portion) will then use a spy card on neutral. The other game then VTEs and I remake it with the new armies on it, belonging to a few of the invading country's players.

Each country also has a 'Fleet' value, which is separated into 'Ships' and 'Army'. The ruler of the country can choose where to place the fleet, and it can be used to defend from incoming invasions, or to attack other nations by sea. When attacking, the 'Army' value is how many armies can land on the enemy. When two fleets fight each other, such as when one is using a fleet to defend from an incoming invasion, both the Ship and the Army value are used to calculate what happens. The Army value may not be more than 5x the amount of the Ship value. The way of invading other countries mentioned in the last paragraph can be used to increase the Fleet Value.

In this post you may create a country. I will use the largest (Or just a large) war light map for it and create the game. You should include other information about it too - keep in mind this is a vague time in medieval ages before the plague, so no communism or aircraft or guns.
Multi-Game Diplomacy: 9/12/2017 02:23:19

Level 50
Current Map:

Kingdom of England (
King: Oncoming Storm
Lords: Ghandhiskywalker, Ryan926, Sohrem, iamtaller, Zazzlegut, bibloswaggins, Batman, Jasper, TxKomikaze, MeStesso, Jason Walat, Pokero
Fleet Value: 500 Ships, 3092 Army

Kingdom of France (
King: Fionnlagh the Panda
Lords: Indiana Jones, CruelMindSR, Matthew A Wallin, Kill me please, lemon
Fleet Value: 200 Ships, 150 Army

Byzantine Empire (
Emperor: #The Prussian Job-Oh yeah, baby...
Lords: Joey123, The Bulgar Slayer, ryanyaor, Andrew Sladkey, Mexemolmex, Zerech, HildyB, Matthey A Wallin, WalkinDead321, Xiat29,
♦ 〜 𝒮𝒽𝒶𝓇𝒶 〜 ♦
Fleet Value: 100 Ships, 200 Army

Holy Roman Empire (
Emperor: Mason
Lords: Clingy, Arcas, larry mc muffin fish, bilboswaggins, Mmii, Arvisole, DayMan, rabidsnowman, wallenstein, Anders006, wzx
Fleet Value: 60 Ships, 100 Army

Edited 9/23/2017 00:31:27
Multi-Game Diplomacy: 9/23/2017 00:39:07

Level 50

France invades England:
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