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Clans (new): 1/31/2012 00:42:58

Level 56
So we've had one of these threads before, but it's been a while and that one got really cluttered. What I'm wondering is: what clans are out there on WL. The big three that I know of are of course REGL, WM, and 中国阳朔. For the purposes of this thread, don't consider FBG(more of a community) and [20](another story entirely) to be clans. Are there other clans of any significant size? If so, please set up a game with me so we can talk. If we have enough clans we're debating setting up some sort of "Clan-Ladder" system, which could be a lot of fun.
Clans (new): 1/31/2012 01:04:07

Ace Windu 
Level 56
I've seen a few different tags going around e.g. in this tourney:
But I've never seen more than two of any these tags at one time. The tags are probably just like pwn or STS if anyone remembers them (I think they changed names but are still around).

I think if there was another significant clan out there we'd know about it.

Oh wait, remember this guy? ----->> [Chibi](
His "Guild" kinda sounded more like a cult to me but he looks like he's gone anyway. That was the closest to another clan as we've gotten I think.
Clans (new): 1/31/2012 01:26:56

Level 4
well, i allways play whit my friend derpina, i think it is something like a clan, ho !ho! a 2 persons clan, dou you want to play whit us? some people say we are the same person but i dont think they get the joke name. inglish is not my native languaje, sorry for the mistakes.
Clans (new): 1/31/2012 04:48:12

Level 48
We are not a clan, just expats living in Yangshuo, China. (or lived here before)
We play this game for fun but we don't mind playing other groups as long as it's in a friendly and mature way. We won't go down without a fight though :-)
Clans (new): 1/31/2012 05:03:17

[WM] Dazed & Insane 
Level 50
FR, GeZyS, ΚΔΟΑ, pwn, Vampires(sadly their leader has quit.) {MC} used to be pretty good, but are gone now. Not many clans on WL, most just play with a handful of people or pick up random teams.
Clans (new): 1/31/2012 05:21:39

Level 23
I think if an interesting enough clan ladder system was properly implemented then you might see more clans forming and/or more people being more interested in participating in a clan.
Clans (new): 1/31/2012 05:49:27

BishesUpInErr (AHoL)
Level 4
Sounds like someone is afraid of [20]
Clans (new): 1/31/2012 06:40:08

Level 25
FBG and [20] are both clans (as much as anyone can be on WL) whether you agree with their methods or not. Thus, I call shenanigans on this thread.
Clans (new): 1/31/2012 08:36:52

Me, of Course 
Level 16
VaporX, please read this before jumping to any conclusions.
Clans (new): 1/31/2012 08:37:06

FBG - Gaspumper 
Level 15
FBG is not a clan. We have no organizing structure, and there's a couple of people sporting the "FBG" moniker who I've never heard of. That said, we're always up for a fight.

Clans (new): 1/31/2012 08:41:48

Level 25
Me, of Course...

Why don't you read it? as you can see I've already posted in it bro.

And regardless of anyones beliefs i will not change my opinions because I'm stuborn.

That is all.
Clans (new): 1/31/2012 09:15:46

Level 31
Dude, we are TOTALLY a clan, in many ways more so than most on this site. I don't think FBG or WM members get shitfaced together and play foosball. Although after reviewing my statement, that makes it seem kinda sad.
Clans (new): 1/31/2012 16:33:02

Level 56
As most FBG members will tell you, they're not a clan in the way we're describing them, although they certainly identify with one another, I meant no disrespect to them. [20] is also not a clan (even according to it's creator) in any way similar to a traditional "online gaming clan". If you'll read the original "clans" thread that was trolled to hell, you'll understand my feelings towards their system.
Posts 1 - 13 of 13   

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