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What am I doing wrong?: 2/2/2012 06:09:47

Level 52
Hi everybody!
Just wanted to ask if anyone have a time to explain what am I doing wrong?
Here is the link:
I'm sure that I make my initial picks correctly and I had more income till we have met, but I still lost the game.
Maybe I just don't know how to play against that tactics, when the opponent breaks in the center of my land and grows there... Maybe somebody explains what I need to do in that situations?
Thanks for your answers.
What am I doing wrong?: 2/2/2012 06:22:38

BishesUpInErr (AHoL)
Level 4
you first mistake is playing saladin, don't ever do that again ;)

But overall, you had bunched up picks which allowed you to expand, but not to threaten him at all. Saladin is one of the best of the best, don't expect to beat him
What am I doing wrong?: 2/2/2012 07:00:50

Level 55
Wow! This Saladin is a freak geek :)

You were good too Lennier, but you had nothing chance against a slaughterer
What am I doing wrong?: 2/2/2012 07:18:39

Level 52
Thanks a lot for your comments, tou instilled in me the gope that it's not all bad :)
But i still not understand what I had to do in that situation when he came to me with 20 troops... Just surrender and not suffer? :)
My first mistake was not to place any picks near him, right?
What am I doing wrong?: 2/2/2012 07:31:28

Level 44
your first mistake was clustering 1-2-3... clustering 1-2 is a legitimate strategy.. and doing 1-2-3 can be helpful, but generally clustering the top 3 reduces your counter-strike/breaking possibilities, and increases your breaking losses..
personally, I would of done your 1-2, then did 3-SA or 3mex-4sa
Mex-sa and Scand-Green were the obvious first turn bonuses, and I tend to prefer going for the counter 3, to gain the hope he'll 1-3 it, and I can break it
also, personally, whenever I capture Caucausus, I try to capture Xin Jiang, because if your enemy is in that direction \*even if they have a wasteland in W.China* Xin Jiang will limit the border significantly.. if they get past it, It'll be very hard to root them out, near impossible against a good player

turn 10.. when he was threatening W.Rus and C.rus.. Imho you shouldn't of defended with 3 in Omsk.. Caucausus was lost to you, you should of pilled in Ufa, because rounding about it would of taken him 2 turns, then late turn attack Omsk from Ufa and Tomsk, both with 'Attack Only' Orders.. Ofc' this could be countered by an Order Delay card.. but nothing I plan is ever perfect.. lol

turn 11 was probably when I would of surrendered.. when he broke W.Rus, and stunted the break in E.Chin as well as shown that your break in wasn't actually a break
What am I doing wrong?: 2/2/2012 10:56:55

Level 59
Biggest difference between him and you was 2 turns before you meet. He new that you will soon meet and he was preparing for were expanding in Europe like you will not meet anyone for 4 more turns.

He also entered South America with lot of armies....looking for you in Africa.
What am I doing wrong?: 2/2/2012 11:03:57

Level 44
Agreed high.. although he was just using history to assume where Lenn was.. since neither had any prior knowledge based on picks..
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