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Map preview: 1 World at War: 2/12/2012 05:06:52

Level 48
First of all, thanks to the several players who helped me testing the map!

The map has slightly been adapted, and is almost ready to go public.

Please help checking for missing links or share your opinion.
Anything that could be changed or improved? Now is the time.

Map preview: 1 World at War: 2/13/2012 18:41:27

Level 50
cool map looking forward to it and u can invite me when it is ready
Map preview: 1 World at War: 2/13/2012 18:49:56

Richard Sharpe 
Level 59
That be one unusual map... like the line about the red ropes holding everything together. Wouldn't have guessed that such an explosion to blast us into space would enlarge and shrink so many countries.
Map preview: 1 World at War: 2/13/2012 18:59:09

Level 49
I think it's been drawn in perspective, the small countries are farther away.
Map preview: 1 World at War: 2/13/2012 19:07:21

Richard Sharpe 
Level 59
Moros, I thought of that but it's not the case. In the bottom right the island of Crete is about the same size as Alaska despite it being some 200 times smaller.

Not complaining mind you, just find it odd.
Map preview: 1 World at War: 2/14/2012 03:25:29

Level 48
that is odd indeed, some say aliens might be involved...

@Iron Conquerer : thanks, I will invite you in a couple days
Map preview: 1 World at War: 2/14/2012 03:30:02

Level 13
I'd be glad to join any sort of test game. A few things.

- East Central America should be renamed to Caribbean.
- Antartica and Greenland are a bit disproportionated but it's not a huge problem.

Otherwise, nice map so far.
Map preview: 1 World at War: 2/14/2012 03:59:52

Level 59
What I find odd is that Antarctica now has a flat edge, and isn't a circular shape anymore. What weird aliens, doing that.
(It seems he's using the Robinson Projection or something similar, so the really high and low latitudes are the most distorted.)

Also, I find it funny that Luxembourg has been completely eradicated, yet the countries around it are unaffected.
Map preview: 1 World at War: 2/14/2012 05:31:44

Level 45
Spelling errors:
Belorus -> [Belarus](
Czech Rep. -> Czech Republic (Not technically an error, but it looks weird, so I wanted to point your attention to it; if intentional, ignore this. BTW, the same goes for "Dominican Rep.".)

It seems strange that Sicily and Sardinia are independent territories; shouldn't they belong to Italy? On a slightly related note, the French island of Corsica does not appear at all, even though it's of roughly the same size as the two Italian islands.
Map preview: 1 World at War: 2/15/2012 03:52:00

Level 48
@ Nintorii: Thanks, I will rename the bonus. As for the disproportions, blame the aliens ;-)

@ Bakapon: I was told the Alien mother-ship landed on Luxembourg... poor souls didn't have a chance.

@ RvW: thanks for the feedback. I will change the spelling and replace the 'Rep.' (was intentional, but as you said, will look better with the full word)

Sicily/Sardinia: that's just for game-play purpose, most islands are single territories, same goes for Japan or Hainan Island.

Corsica is floating in the bottom left corner.
Posts 1 - 10 of 10   

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