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Skip to end - change?: 2/16/2014 23:34:18

Level 60
I propose that the skip to end button be changed to skip phase. The deployment phase can be very time consuming to watch in a large team game with local deployments. But, I am forced to watch every deployment of my teammate if I want to see what actual moves my opponent does. Why not change that button to simply skip the phase? If you don't want to see deployments OR attacks, then you only have to hit the button a 2nd time.
Skip to end - change?: 2/16/2014 23:44:02

Level 58
why not just press show all or skip to end then look back at histroy for particular moves? its what i do.
Skip to end - change?: 2/16/2014 23:44:46

Level 60
Good idea, I dont like watching deployments either.
Skip to end - change?: 2/16/2014 23:47:04

Level 60
That doesn't make sense Brain. I just skip to end, go back to attacks and then click through each one? Why have someone do dozens of clicks instead of just changing one minor thing?

Also, there is no "show all" on mobile app, nor do I want to skip to end then scroll back up to the start of attacks on there.

Edited 2/16/2014 23:48:47
Skip to end - change?: 2/16/2014 23:50:43

Level 31
but i just skip it if there is no enemy contact...
Skip to end - change?: 2/17/2014 00:27:14

Level 59
There is a problem, in that there's more than 2 phases, and "skip phase" may take more than two clicks.

For strat 1v1 you have...

- Reinforcement Cards
- Deployment
- Order Priority (?)
- Attack/Transfer/Order Delay
- Blockades

Add more cards (airlift, gift, abandon) and then we're looking at nearly 10 clicks.
Skip to end - change?: 2/17/2014 04:45:00

Level 60
Those are not additional phases, those are subsets within phases. There is simply deployments and attacks. If you are on the mobile app, it says go back to attacking or deploying. Not go back to card phases.
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