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Making a Map, need some advice: 4/16/2012 02:07:30

Burger King 
Level 23
Alright, so I wanted to know if there was a way to make bordering territories share their bordering line, or do I have to trace over the border twice to complete both territories?

Making a Map, need some advice: 4/16/2012 03:20:20

Level 3
I think if you edit the points of the path, the points will snap to each other.
Making a Map, need some advice: 4/17/2012 16:33:05

Level 60
Technically you don't want them to share, at least when they are not part of the same bonus. Otherwise you will only see one color but not the other.

Easiest way I found to draw from scratch is to trace the largest areas first (like a continent). Then just draw a line to divide into territories and use divide command in inkscape. That divide line needs to go past the boundaries of what it is trimming. It will put the border for the territories right on top of each other. When you have that at a bonus boundary, simply hold shift, select a bunch of nodes (entire border if you can), then drag one node and it will move all at once. Just move it enough to see both lines so you can see both colors in the separate bonus areas. You won't have to do this for any interior lines for bonuses as they are the same color.

I found the best way is to draw entire region boundary first, then subdivide into territories, especially when you are just making up territories (not tracing the line off an image). It helps to picture the bonus areas first and see if those need tweaking before making up territories.
Making a Map, need some advice: 4/17/2012 16:33:54

Level 60
I also use simplify as much as possible before doing divide. Less nodes to select and move later.
Posts 1 - 4 of 4   

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