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Suggestion: Content of a bonus: 4/16/2012 17:01:16

Luxis • apex 
Level 51
When clicking a bonus, you recieve a pink/purple shading behind the territories included in the bonus to show you that they are a part of the bonus. I think that this shading is insufficient (visually lacking) in some cases, and would like to suggest it is either changed to something else such as an, in comparison, thick, (black?) line, or that the existent shading gets complemented with a list of the included territories.

Such a list could for example only appear when you look the bonus up in "Settings --> Bonuses and Territories". It would not appear otherwise because if you just want the rough borders of a bonus (through the process used today) you should still be able to do so.

Thoughts? Disagreements?
Suggestion: Content of a bonus: 4/16/2012 17:43:26

Level 59
A list of territories already appears when you click the (More Info) link after clicking on a bonus link. It isn't ideal for many-territory bonuses like the ones found in Eastern Asia, Big US, or Big New York, but it works well enough in most other maps. It also has the benefit, if fog allows, to show who owns the territory, as well as showing how many armies are in there.

As for showing which a bonus's outline, I just look at the mini-picture next to the (More Info) link. It works well unless the bonus is big or abnormally long/wide. Although, it shouldn't be a problem as most map creators make their bonuses different colors.
Suggestion: Content of a bonus: 4/16/2012 17:49:26

Luxis • apex 
Level 51
Somehow I completely missed the "more info"-button, that is exactly what I looked for, thanks for the heads up!
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