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Connections: 3/30/2014 23:14:57

Arc Light
Level 53
Hello. Recently I released my "Caribbean" Map, which I have found some bad reviews on, despite it being rated 4.0 overall. So, I am looking at fixing the connection indicators, because there are a lot of them. I originally wanted to make a somewhat artistic impression, so I used the brush, and hoped that you could generally follow the line the next 5 pixels or so to the right island, but obviously they can't make it well, since I have had some complaints about my connections. I would like some advice on what to do, because the complaints were a bit vague. I am working on fixing it right now, as seen in half of the connections on this map: , and I would like some feedback on what I should fix.
As you can see, the connections are now being drawn in pen. I also would like to know what else should I do. Should I change the thickness, or color, or style maybe? Thanks for your time.
Connections: 3/31/2014 13:17:07

Belgian Gentleman
Level 55
Cordillero Region in Venezuala is too difficult to grab since the island don't connect with the mainland but with the capital.

Gayman Islands??? lolwut

That's a weird '&'

Edited 3/31/2014 13:25:24
Connections: 3/31/2014 23:53:26

Arc Light
Level 53
That is a C, but I will fix that :|
Posts 1 - 3 of 3   

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