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WARLIGHT: Fun Risk-Like Game, Or Political Forum?: 6/3/2010 16:27:01

Level 2
I was recently in a large game (24 players on East Asia map). In this game, an individual started talking about the Unification of China Bonus and how it doesn't include Tibet. Of course this started a huge political fight about everything from Tibet vs China - to Fox vs CNN - to Republican vs Democrat...etc, etc, etc. I attempted to end the war by introducing a little joking into the conversation. I managed to stop the war and the conversation continued as light-hearted jokes. Entertaining jokes, at that.

What was my reward for this? I got booted from the game by the individual who started flaming in the first place. Who apparently didn't like that I stopped his little war. This individual then proceeded to call me names and claimed that I was the one trying to start the flame war.

So my question is this: Is the public chat option for fun, politics, or just for strategic discussion on the game itself?

I personally believe it's for fun and not for everyone to do the typical. You know, getting pissed at each other for any random reason they can think of. This usually leads to the degeneration of the entire conversation into a simple name-calling and personal attacks match.

Well, that's what I think, what do you think?
WARLIGHT: Fun Risk-Like Game, Or Political Forum?: 6/3/2010 18:43:03

Level 33
I was in the same game. I usually avoid the chats; but I saw that bit. It was absolutely ridiculous.

My view is this: If you want to talk political stuff, go to a political forum. Otherwise, shut up. This is a GAME and some people take it WAY too seriously.
WARLIGHT: Fun Risk-Like Game, Or Political Forum?: 6/3/2010 20:19:04

Level 2
AMEN!!! Rommel, you're my new best friend.

The player in question acted as if I don't care about the Tibetan people's struggles with China. I'm sure their lives are a real pain in the butt because of all the craziness and I wish that I could fix it in some way. I just feel that the chat in a Warlight Game isn't the place to speak out about it and it just starts conflict between players.

The only conflict I want in a game of Warlight is the fight to dominate the world!!!
WARLIGHT: Fun Risk-Like Game, Or Political Forum?: 6/3/2010 22:33:30

Level 3
I was there for that as well, and while I think people should feel free to discuss their opinions...Having it cause bootings and grudges and personal insults isn't right. If the one who became angry couldn't handle the subject in a level headed way, he shouldn't have begun it.

That said, the game itself causes quite a lot of drama, so politics is just the icing on the cake, so to speak.
WARLIGHT: Fun Risk-Like Game, Or Political Forum?: 6/3/2010 23:15:28

Level 5
I feel WL is the perfect place to express all of my political views and I'll boot anyone who disagrees with me. In fact consider yourself peremptorily booted right now just for questioning my right to express my views!

WARLIGHT: Fun Risk-Like Game, Or Political Forum?: 6/3/2010 23:27:43

Level 8
I was also in the game. I completely skipped over all the chat, tl;dr... but it's the internet, people are always going to find SOMETHING to get pissed about. As Rommel says, it's probably best to try and take everything in good humor. :)
WARLIGHT: Fun Risk-Like Game, Or Political Forum?: 6/4/2010 12:25:20

Level 2

Anyway, I'm glad that I'm not the only one who feels that the booting was unnecessary (did I spell that right?). I enjoy some great entertaining conversations on the chats in the games and I hate to have them ruined by flaming.
WARLIGHT: Fun Risk-Like Game, Or Political Forum?: 6/14/2010 04:31:28

Level 2
In my opinion, the chat window is for chatting. That's all that was going on in the game. People talked about what was on their mind, and other people responded. If someone was out of line, sure, you can say, "Hey, not cool, man," but no one was out of line *until* you said something about that topic of conversation being dangerous because it starts flame wars.
WARLIGHT: Fun Risk-Like Game, Or Political Forum?: 6/15/2010 12:11:07

Level 2
Well, joboo1979, I feel sorry you got booted cause of such stupid reason, if you see that person again who was unhappy about Tibet not being inside the Unification of China Bonus, have him come to me instead of blaming all the wrong players out there. After all, I am the one who drew that map.

Maybe I should feel glad I didn't join such game.
I am going to bet that player must be in or originally from the PRC judging by the way
how he treat people who disagree with him (the PRC way of doing things if you get what I meam.)

Apparently he might have been also ignoring the fact that there are other bonuses that don't "exist" now or don't "exist" politically.
The Shu Han Bonus, the Cao Wai Bonus, and the Sun Wu Bonus, all 3 doesn't exist anymore, did he complain about it too?

The Genghis Kan Bonus doesn't include the whole China either, heck it doesn't even include the whole central Asia, Russia and part of eastern Europe which aren't exist on the map, did he complain about it too?

The Buddha bonus shouldn't include Bangladesh, which is a Muslim just like Malaysia, at all. Did he complain about it too?

Some people always think they know everything.
WARLIGHT: Fun Risk-Like Game, Or Political Forum?: 6/15/2010 13:03:11

Level 2
Wisdomsword, I LOVE that map. The big bonuses make for some great strategic gameplay in both team and individual games. I'd like to see more like it.

Anyway, I find it a lot easier to keep away from sensitive topics on the chats so as not to alienate players from each other. The whole chat in that particular game was great and entertaining for all until the subject turned political. Sure, I was a little aggressive in trying to stop the flaming from happening. And I got booted for trying to keep things civil. This just goes to show how passionate people can be about their views. That player booted me because he/she was mad that I didn't share his desire to speak out about the political climate in Tibet. And now, neither one of us will ever want to play against the other again. All because of some political garbage happening on the other side of the world. There are many players who I enjoy playing with in WL that I may not be very compatible with politically. And by avoiding those subjects, we continue to enjoy games together.

The long and the short of it is that politics and subjects like it should be avoided to ensure that WL is ejoyable for all. The other option is to allow players to black list each other due to factors that don't exist in a WL game. Players should be judged in WL based on playing style and ability, not on their political views and beliefs.
WARLIGHT: Fun Risk-Like Game, Or Political Forum?: 6/15/2010 16:06:48

Level 2
Thanks joboo!
I do agree to keep those topics away from the game chat. There are places for those topics elsewhere.
It's all about playing the game.
WARLIGHT: Fun Risk-Like Game, Or Political Forum?: 6/25/2010 00:22:15

Level 26
I am the aforementioned offender. Firstly it's good to see that joboo1979 admits that he was agressive in his 'peace keeping' efforts.
Let me recipriate by saying it was an dick move by me to boot him & for that I apologize.
But in regards to the conversation it was in fact joboo who inflamed the situation. mig and i exchanged ideas in a cordial manner and then joboo decided to tell us what to chat about.
In my opinion people should feel free to chat about whatever they want on WL. If you don't like it, as i said to joboo in the chat, ignore it. That said they also shouldnt boot on the basis that they don't like what someone has expressed. again, my bad.
Wisdom words brings up a good point that there are many political and historical fallacies in WL, the reason I chose to highlight the Tibetan one is because I am Tibetan, and it hit a nerve.
So again sorry for the name calling & booting joboo, though i disagree with you about chat etiquette etc I appreciate you were, in your own way, trying to keep the peace.
WARLIGHT: Fun Risk-Like Game, Or Political Forum?: 6/25/2010 12:57:21

Level 2
I have to say that I applaud you, Tsong, for manning up and admitting your mistake. Now let me admit mine.

I didn't think of things from your perspective and I'm sorry. I made the mistake of letting your conversation hit a nerve, as well. Let me explain: I have reached a point where heated debates and degenerating conversations are just getting under my skin. Just look at almost ANY you tube video's comments section. You can't read 3 of them without people getting pissed at each other for any random reason they can think of. The coversations usually go from "Oh...that cat's SOOOOOO cute!" to "THAT'S ANIMAL ABUSE!!!" Then it just turns into a match to see who's E-Penis is bigger. It's rediculous.

Anyway, I have enjoyed almost every chat in WL thus far and I was annoyed that the conversation would turn south before it even started to. I sincerely apologize for my mistake and I forgive you for the booting. I hope that we can put this behind us and enjoy WL as we have in the past.
WARLIGHT: Fun Risk-Like Game, Or Political Forum?: 6/25/2010 13:26:06

Level 31
rediculous or ridiculous...think about it
WARLIGHT: Fun Risk-Like Game, Or Political Forum?: 6/25/2010 14:18:03

Level 2
WARLIGHT: Fun Risk-Like Game, Or Political Forum?: 7/6/2010 05:34:33

Friedrich Barbarossa
Level 2
Isn't the public chat there to pick up chicks? I like girls who like this game. Are there any?
WARLIGHT: Fun Risk-Like Game, Or Political Forum?: 7/6/2010 18:39:02

Level 9
Lol Friedrich - the holy roman empire lives again :)
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