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Google Maps Question: 5/18/2014 08:03:20

Jar of Pickles
Level 22
New Google Map update causes me unable to search multiple locations, which is need for my warlight map. My question: Is there any way to search multiple locations?

Additional Question (Optional): What makes a game a lottery game? how to create one?

Edited 5/18/2014 08:03:31
Google Maps Question: 5/18/2014 08:11:32

Belgian Gentleman
Level 55
depends of wich warlight map you're creating.
Is it a map depicting neighbourhoods or towns?
Google Maps Question: 5/18/2014 08:22:14

Jar of Pickles
Level 22
Umm... the world, i mean, borders between states are so thin that i need to thicken them by searching them, and now, i could search only 1 at a time. (to prevent longer discussion, can you give me google forum link?)

I create maps by trace the coastlines and borders.

Edited 5/18/2014 08:23:16
Google Maps Question: 5/18/2014 08:24:05

Level 49
The answer is no. I see no reason why you would have to use Google Maps for that, since there's plenty of maps out there that show the divisions of all countries more clearly than Google Maps does.

And a lottery game is a game that takes no skill at all to win, instead the winner is decided at random so he can win a lot of points to level up.
Google Maps Question: 5/18/2014 08:32:38

Jar of Pickles
Level 22
Example of the map please? (link)
Google Maps Question: 5/18/2014 12:42:40

[16] b3rz3rk3r
Level 56
by googling something like "map of countries" or "world map" you'll probably find what you need. for example
or the slightly outdated
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