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Clan League #1 Results So Far: 10/6/2012 14:52:04

Level 59
The First Clan League is nearing its end and will be finished soon. There is an average of about 20 points for each clan to possibly get yet so I will give the numbers they could fall in between. Here are the results:

1. [WM]: 122-137 points (guarenteed first place)
2. [P]: 82-104 points (2-5 is still possible)
3. FBG: 68-104 points (2-7 is still possible)
4. apex: 73-89 points (2-7 is still possible)
5. [REGL]: 64-85 points (2-7 is still possible)
6. Elite: 63-79 points (3-7 is still possible)
7. AhoL: 57-75 points (3-8 is still possible)
8. RP: 50-63 points (7-8 is still possible)
9. [X]: 36-47 points (9-10 is still possible)
10. {Warlighters}: 32-49 points (9-10 is still possible)

So right now [WM] is guarenteed first, 2nd will likely be a fight between [P] and FBG, 4th will likely be apex, 5th will probably be a fight between [REGL] and Elite and AHOL, 8th is almost guarenteed to be RP, and 9th will be a fight between [X] and {Warlighters}. We should know the finals results within 2-3 weeks is my guess, as mostly we are waiting on 3v3 games. The Second Season will start within a couple days after this one ends. Even though the first season had many boots, the second one looks like it will be much better so far.
Clan League #1 Results So Far: 10/6/2012 15:42:33

Level 40
Is there a link to those tourneys / games?
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