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Early auto boot!: 10/17/2012 13:29:20

Level 36
I was playing a 2v2 Europe yesterday with a friend and I said to him "This guy is going to get himself auto'd soon"(With 20 seconds left on the clock). As I said it he turned around and said "He had gone".

I thought was strange but just assumed my PC was lagging a little. Then the guy turned around and said "I Had 20 seconds left" so clearly seemed to be some sort of error. When the countdown started for the next turn it started at about 5:20 and the game was a 5 minute autoboot.

Anyway I played again today and the same thing happened with my partner. I said hurry you have 20 seconds left and it auto-booted him there and then with time to spare and again with the next countdown timer starting at about 5 mins and 20 secs.

Has anyone else experienced this problem? I hadn't noticed it before until yesterday.

I think an issue with timers is certainly a problem that needs to be addressed ASAP as it does inhibit the ability to play the game quite a lot. At the moment it only seems to be happening or only has happened about 20 seconds early which is a time you can deal with... But if it starts happening at 30, a minute etc it could make real time very difficult to play!

Thanks for any help!
Early auto boot!: 10/17/2012 13:46:32

Level 57

WarLight Creator
It looks like the date on two of the webservers were about 15 seconds out of sync. This could have caused a slight discrepancy. I just re-synced the servers and also set them to automatically sync so this shouldn't happen again.
Early auto boot!: 10/17/2012 13:47:45

Level 36
That's great.

Thank you very much! :o)
Early auto boot!: 11/30/2012 06:12:07

Level 36
Hi there,

Problem was fixed last time I put this up. However the problem has now occurred again. Happened with my partner about 5 seconds before the autoboot was to happen.

Could you do what you did again please!

Many thanks
Posts 1 - 4 of 4   

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