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Crisis! World War III Outbreak!: 7/9/2014 20:16:30

Level 55
It is September 1, 2029, and North Korea has attacked South Korea through the element of surprise. Only hours later, the U.S. declares war on North Korea. In 2 weeks, all of NATO has declared war on North Korea. No longer able to sit by and see his ally murdered, China declares war on NATO. NATO, thinking victory is inevitable,is flabbergasted when Russia sets forth a master plan! All of Eastern Europe has fallen to Russian influence, and joins Russia in a joint-declaration against NATO and the EU. In the Middle East, Iran declares war on Israel, while Israel and Turkey declare war on Syria. Iran steam-rolls Iraq so that he can save Syria, and during this, Saudi Arabia declares war on Iran, but immediately begins to regret it. Japan and India side with their ally America, and declare war on China and Russia. Seeing a possible opportunity, Pakistan declares war on India! In South-East Asia, Myanmar declares war on Thailand, but is defeated by aid from India. Seeing a loosely protected border, Thailand, Laos, and Cambodia declare war on Thailand. While the world falls to chaos, Cuba launches a surprise attack on the entire Caribbean, taking complete control in but 2 weeks. In South America, Venezuela declares war and takes over Colombia. Brazil reacts by declaring on Venezuela, but immediately after, Argentina declares war on Brazil, Bolivia, and Peru! In Oceania, Indonesia rushes to save their friend Thailand, but gets attacked from the inside through a rebellion by the Republic of West Papua! They reclaim their island and attempt to begin a takeover of Micronesia. Australia and the Philippines come forth to their aid, but the Philippines immediately backs out so they can defend against a Chinese naval offensive from the North! In Africa, Muslim extremists attempt a take over of North Africa, but are halted by Egypt! South Sudan begins a war with Sudan to unify themselves once more, but then suffers a war with Ethiopia! Warlords of Madagascar and Angola take over and declare war on South Africa! Chaos is spread all across the globe, deaths at every street, riots throughout countries, and all sense of order lost! Can a winner be decided through this mess? Can a resolve be reached? Can someone rise through the ashes of this blood-bath? You, the Leaders of the World are divided. You are set to what side that you are, and are destined to either lead your people to victory, or to escort them to damnation. You and your fellow leaders must work together to achieve victory, to achieve survival, to achieve dominance. The War of all Wars has begun, and you must stand it. Good Luck to You All. Godspeed.
Crisis! World War III Outbreak!: 7/9/2014 20:21:01

Level 60
My eyes hurt
Crisis! World War III Outbreak!: 7/9/2014 20:24:11

Level 55
I hate North Korea scenarios lol. Even China hates North Korea scenarios lol.
Crisis! World War III Outbreak!: 7/9/2014 20:24:55

Red Menace
Level 55
You need a break from the internet, man.
Crisis! World War III Outbreak!: 7/9/2014 23:19:55

Level 55
Report Was adapted from this. I had no clue what SCO was, so I just made something up with Russia.
Crisis! World War III Outbreak!: 7/10/2014 16:00:18

Level 52
South Korea is more likely to attack north korea. NK would be dumb to risk every military investment in an offensive that failed before. As for China , we had a whole discussion.
Also, this could be World War V depending on your beliefs. Or VI.
Crisis! World War III Outbreak!: 7/10/2014 19:15:59

Level 35
Easier alternative

Russia declare war on Ukraine
Ukraine declares back
Russia captures Kiev
Finland and Sweeden declare on russia
Sweeden purchased Lapland and Finland got St.Petersburg
Russia , declares war on china
Sweeden gets Kola peninusla
Sweeden Annex Finland for unfication
China declare on rssia
S.korea declaare on N.korea
N.korea declare back
Russia annex Ukraine
Romania , poland and germany declare on russia
Russia siege Warsaw
Germany bombed Moscow
Romania annex moldova and west Ukraine
Korea unificates
Russia occupy , Inner mongolia
Russia siege Bejing
Hong kong declare war to russia
Norway help russia
Mexico help russia
Mexico Annex texas
Usa declares war to russia

Japan declare war to russia
Crisis! World War III Outbreak!: 7/10/2014 19:21:47

Level 35
Uk declare on russia
Sweeden annex oslo
Norway surenders
Vietnam help russia
Thailand declare to russia
Thailand annex south viet.
Philipines , indonesia , mayasia , singapore , austria , Australia and new Zealand declare war on russia
India ddclare on russia
Russia annex mongolia
Saudi aribia help ussia
Saudi arbia annex UAE , Yeman and Oman
Turkey declare on russia
Chilie help russia
Brazil and argentina declare on russia
UK gibe treaty to russia
Russia declines
Poland un-sieges Waesaw
China un-seiged bejing
Russia annex west china
Vietnam surrenders
Philipines take north vietnam
Austria nukes san antigo
Crisis! World War III Outbreak!: 7/10/2014 19:28:20

Red Menace
Level 55
WW3 will either be like the Cold War or nuclear war that ends the world
Crisis! World War III Outbreak!: 7/10/2014 19:30:03

Level 35
I want it tk be like the frnch revolotion ur somting like the 100 years war
Crisis! World War III Outbreak!: 7/10/2014 19:49:18

Level 52
I made a little alternate history paper for fun once. Could post it later.
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