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Event Idea: 7/16/2014 19:27:42

Mister Master
Level 56
It's called a Pro-Am, short for professional-amateur. The idea is a 2v2, with a good player and a not-so-good player on each team. This can show who is better at handling a team with a weaker player.

Any comments? :)

Edited 7/16/2014 19:28:20
Event Idea: 7/16/2014 19:29:44

{rp} GeneralGror
Level 58
Just call me Bob Barker!
Event Idea: 7/16/2014 19:36:00

Level 58
this will involve much puppeteering from the good player i would say
Event Idea: 7/16/2014 19:47:52

Master ARC 
Level 57
That's partially the idea.
Event Idea: 7/16/2014 21:11:40

[LN] KitKat
Level 53
How is this not going to not get royally abused by flagrant alt use?
Event Idea: 7/16/2014 21:48:17

his balls. 
Level 60
Puppeting wouldn't test the skill of the better player, merely the willingness of the less good player to to follow orders. Is it will be the same as if a top player just used an alt.

I always thought a really nice game to do would be no communication at all between the teammates. A very good team could work on instinct if they have played together a lot. This would properly test the skill of the team rather than the better player in the team.

Obviously you would need to trust people not to just chat via some other form of communication.

Anonymous accounts and a block on team chat could do the trick.

Apologies for the hijack.
Event Idea: 7/16/2014 21:56:08

The National Socialist
Level 54
How is this not going to not get royally abused by flagrant alt use?
As if every type of game that currently exists isn't being abused by alts already...
Event Idea: 7/17/2014 01:52:15

Level 60
I like this idea, but as mentioned, puppeteering would ensue.
I also like what Featherbucket said, no communication among teammates allowed.
Posts 1 - 8 of 8   

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