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Idea for Easier Map Navigation: 2/28/2013 00:46:24

Level 57
If you're on the far side of one map, why can't you scroll over and see the other side? I've seen this on a lot of other map programs out there, why isn't it here?

That said, I have no idea how hard that would be to do on all the maps in this game, but I feel like we could at least give newer maps this capability, and maybe fix the most popular big maps.
Idea for Easier Map Navigation: 2/28/2013 04:04:16

[REGL] Pooh 
Level 59
There's camera settings under edit profile, and you might want to play with those. But I think that is only to affect the zoom/pan action of the turn after everyone has committed.

Otherwise, there is zoom in/out that can be worked with the scroll button on your mouse or the +/- in the bottom right.

There is also click/drag to move the map. Only precaution on click/drag applies the action to the click if you click on an actionable territory. Example: During Territory selection, if your initial click is onto a "Green" territory, it will place a pick there. Also, during Troop Deployment, if you click to drag on a territory you own, it will deploy 1 army there.
Idea for Easier Map Navigation: 2/28/2013 11:45:24

Level 13
I believe what he's looking foor is the ability to connect the left side of the map with the right side of the map, or the top with the bottom, not only as troops connections but also when draging (or whatever you should call it) the map. I've been missing this option myself ;) An example would be if you had zoomed in Japan and quickly want to check how many troops are in Hawaii then you would have to moove the map pretty much alternatively zoom out move zoom in, when the territory you want to check is actually bordering the territory you are looking at. This is pretty frustrating if you (like me) have a crappy computer that laggs a lot on big maps.
Idea for Easier Map Navigation: 2/28/2013 15:04:17

[REGL] Pooh 
Level 59
Maybe for a workaround, you could click on "Japan" then click on More Info, and it will show you the current state of all bordering territories?
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