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New Map Testing: 9/12/2014 16:37:26

Level 45
This is my first map that I have made. I have put it into testing mode, but I can't make a game with it because it says I can't have open seats, and that I have to invite someone to play. How do I do that? Also, how do I make the yellow lines to connect territorys over sea?

Edited 9/12/2014 16:39:42
New Map Testing: 9/12/2014 17:36:34

Level 54
Good looking map, but you need to draw lines in the oceans that make the sea connections more obvious to someone who does not know which territories connect to which over the water.
New Map Testing: 9/12/2014 17:50:01

Level 45
Yeah, but how?
New Map Testing: 9/12/2014 17:50:18

Level 58
When creating a multiplayer game with your test map, you have to invite persons manually to test game (from your friendlist for example). Also another option is just to make a game in singleplayer with bunch of AIs.

To indicate that two territories are connected over water, just draw a line between them in whatever program you're using, make it yellow and dashed if you want and don't set an territory ID for it. You don't have to worry about the line overlapping territories because territories will always be at the top when playing warlight (expect in map design).

Edited 9/12/2014 17:51:34
New Map Testing: 9/12/2014 21:38:16

Red Menace
Level 55
*Gasp* Overlapping bonus borders! ugh
New Map Testing: 9/12/2014 21:47:24

Level 60
Yes, water connections are a must. Draw a line (graphic) between connections.

Some missing connections:
Rydeem - Badenar
Johansburg (2 next to it)
Moira - Daystart
Nagawai - Dang Tnou

I stopped checking at that point. You need to click on every territory and make sure you have all connections

The two bonus links in the middle should be put within the bonus, they make no sense there.

And yes, once you do testing, remove the overlapping bonuses
New Map Testing: 9/12/2014 22:07:41

Level 45
What are overlapping bonuses? Sorry this is my first time.
New Map Testing: 9/13/2014 04:21:58

Level 57
When the different bonuses' borders are not adjacent, meaning you can only see one color (from one bonus.)
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