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AI's Doing Multi-Attack: 3/19/2013 03:57:45

Level 50
Who agree's that the AI's should be able to do Multi-Attack I am just saying that it would be cool if the AI's could do Multi-Attack.
AI's Doing Multi-Attack: 3/20/2013 18:24:26

Level 2
AI designed just for a displacement of real guys. But still they must play a role of disadvantage else members of your own team will try hard to boot you/themself.
Every dumb actions are already implemented in AI like "do not try to complete your bonus when your team member is having only 1 place in that bonus." , "do not do multiattack".

adding multiattack facility would just make AI better . which we do not want because we want to keep crying every turn when AI takes a dumb turn/get happy when its our enemy.
AI's Doing Multi-Attack: 3/20/2013 18:34:32

Level 2
for the part when i said "adding multiattack facility would just make AI better" :

if we think diffrently, if AI would be able to do multiattack in multiattack games then they could prove out to be a bigger problem(sometimes) for the team members that have AI , (other times : AI would be advantage) , disadvantage :we scream over the part when our team's AI's multiattack Orders just mix up with other team players, and we can not make AI understand to change his orders in order to execute our orders in a better form. ( i hope you got it )
AI's Doing Multi-Attack: 3/20/2013 21:44:50

Level 43
Not true that last case you'll just have to check the AI orders and time your essential single-move attack to take place before the AI attacks in which case they'll transfer instead of attacking.
AI's Doing Multi-Attack: 3/20/2013 22:50:42

Level 59
you can vote or suggest ideas for updates on AI on uservoice
Posts 1 - 5 of 5   

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