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Sharing info in a foggy, no private message game?: 7/29/2010 17:01:20

Level 7
Question for the group, because it's come up in the last few round robins I've played in:

Do you think it's cheating to give information about the strength of an oppponent in a foggy game?

I think it's wrong. It seems like once someone is outed as being strong early, a ton of people play sanction cards against him and he gets beaten down on every front. That seems fine to me if there's no fog, but if you choose to use a game mechanic that was deliberately created to keep that information private, sharing that information, even publicly, seems wrong.

It came up in another recent game, too. Somebody started talking about how he was getting ganged up on by two players, and that they were probably going to win. Then he surrendered the next turn.

This isn't intended to discuss specific players or games in progress, because I don't think anyone has deliberately done anything wrong. The reason I bring it up is that I think it goes against the spirit of the game, but I don't want to continue to put myself at a disadvantage because I choose not to do it.
Sharing info in a foggy, no private message game?: 7/29/2010 17:20:56

Level 5
I don't think it's cheating, but agree that it's not in the best spirit of gamesmanship. However, it can be very nice to mess with someone that spent the early game running over neutrals while you were slowly dominating an adjacent opponent.
Sharing info in a foggy, no private message game?: 7/29/2010 18:56:38

Level 5
Intelligence about the game acquired at the cost of your armies is yours to keep or share as you please. If you think it'll help you more to share than share.

It does seem sour grapes to do it on the turn you surrender or get killed, but that's your perogative too. As another player in the game I appreciate any info I get from any source.
Sharing info in a foggy, no private message game?: 7/29/2010 21:59:38

Level 2
I like to think of it in actual military terms.
Didn't the french underground provide information on German troop movements and supplies for the Allies?
Sharing info in a foggy, no private message game?: 7/31/2010 04:17:28

Level 3
There is no rule anywhere that states that it's wrong, so quit whining, really. The other players are at liberty to share whatever information they want to whomever they want...that's how the ball rolls...wipe your tears, chin up, and deal with it.
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