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A New Idea For The Warlight Community!: 10/31/2014 10:56:50

Belgian Gentleman
Level 55
I got a new idea for the whole Warlight community! The idea is a new category for the Warlight maps filter.
Let's call the new option: Real World Places Maps.
Cities/Urban areas/communties/towns are now an option to chose from. It's kinda like a subdivision of Real World Maps but now it is a collection of places in the world only.

Real World Places Maps are always underrated and barely played so we need to get them back in the centre of attention.
Real World Maps includes around 60% of all Warlight maps . That's a lot, a reason more to split it up in another piece.

Here's a demonstration of how my idea works.

To help you bit , I did a lot of research to find those maps. The result is 61 maps that depict an urban/metropolitan area or a city, large/small community:

Stevenage [created by TheBritishEmpire]
Eindhoven Neighbourhoods [created by martintern]
Issander's Szczecin [created by Issander]
Issander's Szczecin (big) [created by Issander]
Saint-Petersburg City [Russia] [created by RA]
San Francisco [created by Maggot Brain]
Seoul [created by Roblexa Caritelisa 948]
Puycelsi [created by kendou]
Paris est magique [created by Lien Rag]
Paris [created by sborion]
Warsaw big [created by rashaz]
Seattle Neighborhoods [created by ActionJackson]
Parishes of Venice (XVII century) [created by LeChevalier]
Rio [created by Matma Rex]
Yangshuo - China [created by [中国阳朔]Chaos]
Kristiansund [created by Bird the Great]
Hansestadt Hamburg, Germany [created by prime_empire]
Medium Ottawa-Gatineau [created by Brandon]
Torino [created by terror_corps ITA]
Moscow [created by Lennier]
Korea - Seoul metropolitan area (Gyeonggi-do) [created by Mwoim]
Helsinki (kaupunginosat) [created by DrCarlosLeo]
London District Diplomacy [created by Fox Line]
London [created by jack051093]
Bergen Sentrum [created by [SV]Bowmore]
Poznań City ( Poland ) -- Small [created by Adam]
Genosse-Wanda-Stadt [created by PrezerwatywTradycja]
City of Ancient Rome [created by [ROME]daigman]
Chicago [created by Maitreyas]
City of Madrid [created by Riskomejide]
Massy City (France) [created by Tenemide]
Wrocław Small [created by Ambasador]
Mondouzil [created by kendou]
Bristol, UK [created by Basil...]
Turku [created by нυвα]
Capital Region aka Helsinki [created by JKChaos]
Edinburgh [created by ParWars]
New York City [created by Mojo]
Trójmiasto [created by smalec]
Nottingham circa 1610 [created by Jandal]
Overrijsel [created by [NL] DobbieDice]
Istanbul (Turkey) [created by Dunkelheit]
Łapy [created by Fala358]
Bratislava [created by Roblexa Caritelisa 948]
Budapest [created by нυвα]
Bangkok [created my Moros]
Holt [created by skunk940]
Montevideo [created by tero]
Atlantic City: Clubs, Casino's, Conventions and Cafeteria [created by Moros]
Breda (the Netherlands) [created by Kroma]
Grande São Paulo e Baixada Santista [created by Cesar CA]
Bjarkoya- North Norway [created by Evste]
Tholen [created by dragonnoodle]
Bergen [created by [SV]Bowmore]
Freie Hansestadt Bremen [created by WardancerHB]
Warszawa Small [created by Lord Thorn]
Deventer [created by Collector]
NOLA [created by drinkwater]
Gdańsk [created by Karbulot]
Almeria [created by [Volunteers]saimonx]
Rio de Janeirio - Zona Sul [created by fujimo]

Warlight logic: Issander's Szcecin is a novel map?! And Issander's Szczecin (Big) is a Real-World map???

How do you like my idea ? Vote here!
A New Idea For The Warlight Community!: 10/31/2014 13:08:41

Level 59
wow, bravo
A New Idea For The Warlight Community!: 10/31/2014 13:22:33

[EU]The European
Level 5
I like it
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