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A clan for me: 12/9/2014 04:11:33

Level 60
Hi all,

Pretty competitive. Don't have the drive to be top 10 but I hate being beaten.

Games I like (in order):
1. Strategic 1 v1
2. LD (any)
3. 4+ player FFA
4. Teams (Esp. 2 v 2)

What I'm looking for:
1. Competitive and fun environment
2. Plenty of opportunity to learn and compare strategy
3. Active

Hit me up and convince me!
A clan for me: 12/9/2014 04:12:27

Level 60
Oh, I should add.

I would like to find and practice with a partner to enter the 2 v 2 ladder.
A clan for me: 12/9/2014 04:49:06

Level 60
Hey man, I will give you a tryout if you want. We have several good players in the clan that are about your level. We participate in the clan league where we compete against other clans in a number of different formats. I have also had a couple good 2v2 ladder runs where I got 10th and 3rd place, so I could give you a few pointers there as well. Let me know if your interested in trying out.
A clan for me: 12/9/2014 04:49:44

Dr. Stupid 
Level 57
First of all, any clan that would spend time trying to "convince you" would probably be a good one to avoid.

Secondly, I compliment you on providing complete information for us. That is very helpful in clan selection.

Thirdly, based on your description I would recommend three clans in particular:

If you prefer a smaller clan environment, I would recommend:

Appalachian Warlight Federation
The Warlighters

If you prefer a larger clan environment, I would recommend:


If you would like me to introduce you to any of the respective clan leaders, let me know and I'll set it up!
A clan for me: 12/9/2014 04:55:54

Level 60
Dr. Stupid gives good advice as well. I'm not too familiar with Appalachian Warlight Federation, but The Warlighters and REGL are good clans.
A clan for me: 12/9/2014 05:02:47

Level 60
Thanks for the quick reply.

Just an FYI, I don't consider myself any better than average. My level is probably more due to the sheer amount of games I play than my skill at the game (plus some luck in some large RT FFA early on).

The appalachian's sound good at the moment. However, I'll wait to see some more ideas/confirmation.

Not after a large group, more a tight knit active community.
Posts 1 - 6 of 6   

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