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Congratz to Ruthless Bastard - Free Membership Winner!: 8/28/2013 16:02:36

[REGL] Pooh 
Level 59
A Long Time Ago (June 2012).
In a Galaxy (the Internet) Far Far Away....

Ruthless Bastard joined the Free Membership Series. The rest is history.

First Round (Tournament 3 of 4):

The First Round was featured my then new map (Medium USA - HQ), and the top teams from the 4 separate tournaments would advance to the second round.

Here, he teamed up with [V.I.W] DJidAnE to place 2nd in the tournamet, winning 6 games, and losing two times to the champion. This allowed Ruthless Bastard to move onto the 2nd round, along with 63 other players

Round 2:

The second round was a 1v1 played on Huruey's Castle. The top 16 players would advance to Round 3.

Ruthless won his 1st two games, before Tigger bested him. Nevertheless, his work was done, and he advanced to the Final Round, where that bastard would have a chance to show everyone how ruthless he really was.

Round 3 - 16 Player Round Robin:

Here, the competition was stiff. As an honor to all of the other elite players, I will give a list of the competition that Ruthless faced:
Alexander, Buddha Junior, dreuj, Envaeronment, gMoney, GOATFINGER, lobstorsity, Luxis-apex, MilitaryManiac (AHOL), Old Toby, OutOfControl, pierrotmon, Tigger, Lolowut (R.I.P.), Ottarinn

Here, Ruthless racked up a 13-2 record, with the 2 next best competitors, Tigger and dreuj, both 12-3.

Ruthless, already a member, has accepted his prize, bequeathed upon an anonymous player.

Again, Congratz.
Congratz to Ruthless Bastard - Free Membership Winner!: 8/28/2013 16:27:36

Level 60
I hope he gave it to PK Thunda, he owes him a membership (also owes me one, but backed out of giving either of us it).

He put up a membership for two winners in a 24 way FFA (super power and minor power) and when it was over said I was never eligible because I was a member and that would only be valid if it was a big tournament (like you held). He claimed this was common knowledge (never stated such in the game, and in fact put conditions on me 'winning'it, which I met). I have no idea why he never gave the one to PK.

Anyway, props to you for not backing out of it. These tournaments are lots of fun to play.
Congratz to Ruthless Bastard - Free Membership Winner!: 8/28/2013 16:30:22

Level 57
Congratz and don't delay joining the ladder!
Congratz to Ruthless Bastard - Free Membership Winner!: 8/28/2013 16:34:23

Level 55
Ruthless the membership hoarding bastard!
Congratz to Ruthless Bastard - Free Membership Winner!: 8/28/2013 22:29:46

Level 54
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