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Version State Change Error: 10/16/2010 16:34:05

Level 2
When I go to change from development to testing, I get this error:

"Map mode cannot be changed because of one or more issues. Please fix the problem described below and then try to change its mode again. If the issues have already been fixed but you are still getting this message, please try the Refresh button.

Reason: Territory "Unnamed" (id=10) does not connect to any others"

I went to Inkscape, and the only thing with id=10 is one of my territories, and it is connected to others in the Warlight editor.

Version State Change Error: 10/16/2010 16:46:59

Level 2
I figured it out by changing the territory from "Territory_10" to "Territory_100"
Version State Change Error: 10/16/2010 16:50:08

Level 57

WarLight Creator
I've seen issues like this caused when there are two Territory_10's, since one may be connected but the other is giving the error.

I've also seen this caused when there are two territories in the same place that are identical to eachother. It's easy to think it's connected, when really the top one is connected and the bottom one isn't.

I'm not sure what exactly re-naming the territory solved for you, but if you think you found a bug in WarLight I'd like more details so I can fix it. If you found out the issue was your own mistake, and you've solved it, then it's okay to move on :)
Version State Change Error: 10/16/2010 19:43:49

Level 46
I had this too once or twice, and all I did was pressing the "Refresh" button and it disappeared. :p
Version State Change Error: 10/17/2010 16:07:22

Level 3
I've had this happen many times as well. I have found that once you fix it, the system doesn't realize it until you exit out and come back in or refresh somehow. It did drive me nuts at first when I couldn't find what wasn't connected when it was connected all along. :)
Posts 1 - 5 of 5   

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