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Warlight Theme Music (2): 3/3/2015 04:10:56

Level 58
I heard the Warlight Theme Music (tm) the first time today. I joined Warzone in November 2011.

I may have muted the music on my first Warlight Day and forgot about it. The settings are stored in their server. I played Warlight in different locations and never had the music.

Will Warzone music updated with a symphonic performance when the name changes ? The music and colors could be tied to premium accounts. A style-set would be fun to play with : changing site layout, sounds when armies move, better glow or a Total War/Ceasar/Rome Victory/Defeat screens/cinematics. :)

A few social sites sell emotes or html colors values. Those things could be monetized.

Fizzer could make a separate game that looks slightly like Warlight but on Facebook with many ways to pay. A personal city producing 10 coins per day, a conquerable/explorable Warlight World Map with actual maps for regions. Quests, classes, races with some influence of Heroes of Might and Magic (Heroes, Magic, Scrolls of Spells, one-week collectables, boosts). There are so many clones of Risk that monetize with every way possible.
Warlight Theme Music (2): 3/3/2015 04:14:08

Level 52
I agree. WarLight could use simple but exhilarating features that monetize like the above mentioned.
Warlight Theme Music (2): 3/3/2015 04:34:41

Level 58
On a note, it is funny how odd *things* as cinematic or music is more important than the game itself.

In one of the annual E3 press conference, visitors were shown Ninja Missions Success/Defeat Cutscenes for a large part of the time for Shogun Total War II.

In one of the E3 Starcraft conferences I watched through Youtube, there was unit animations for more than half hour.

What is your favorite victory (success) / defeat cutscenes from all video games ?

Strategy, FPS, puzzles and possibly other types of games can enter.

Edited 3/3/2015 04:35:48
Posts 1 - 3 of 3   

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