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Booting: 3/19/2015 03:24:30

(((Tabby Juggernaut)))
Level 51
In a team game, do you think it is good to pm the booted members of the other side to return? Booting is not designed to be a weapon though in fact even if the booted become AI and can return booting is still one of the most effective weapons in WarLight because people generally do not remember to return and AI is way too weak.

Perhaps we can make some changes:
1.Before each game the host should announce whether people will be nudged, will be asked to return if they are booted.
2.Perhaps the booted should be replaced by another player (such as some random person with the same level) as opposed to an AI. The booted player and the replacement divide the points if they win by how many turns they play a game.


Edited 3/19/2015 03:25:24
Booting: 3/19/2015 14:53:57

King C******* V
Level 58
Nope too complicated.
Posts 1 - 2 of 2   

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