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Beware of hacker: 11/24/2010 01:44:44

Level 2
Beware of this player. He hacks. He has 4000+ army by the end of turn 6

His name is Marianno
Beware of hacker: 11/24/2010 02:30:12

Level 57

WarLight Creator
Check the game settings. The game creator configured the Bulgaria bonus to be worth 1000 armies.

No hacking here, just a good reason to check the game settings before starting a game :)
Beware of hacker: 12/28/2010 21:56:48

Level 4
Wow, Marianno is my hero!

Actually, had I been the one to try this first, I would have been much more cruel.
With a 1000 bonus, you can't lose. So first off I wouldn't have booted my opponents so quickly. Second, I would have expanded slowly, keeping hidden my overwhelming numbers. I would have kept my stacks of 1000+ behind at least two layers of my other territories, only adding a few extra armies to my front lines.

Only after I'd won would my victims have realized my exploit in the history, and since they would have played many more than 7 turns, they would have been REALLY upset.
Beware of hacker: 12/28/2010 22:20:15

Level 5
That's one of the most unadequate players of whole WL community, known as Alexander The Great :)
Be careful, he is dangerous sometimes...with his attitude to others
Beware of hacker: 12/29/2010 21:30:34

Level 5
It's been done before. I like that he picked the territory least likely to be picked by another player to be worth 1000. I.e. counting on people not to look at the settings.
Beware of hacker: 12/29/2010 23:25:11

Level 2
I made a game like that. People kept saying they will report me. Am I in trouble. I reported them for profanity.
Beware of hacker: 12/30/2010 15:01:31

Level 5
Hey -- it's slimy, but not against the rules. Players have to learn to check the settings before joining games. You're providing a cautionary lesson to new players -- beware of a-holes!
Beware of hacker: 12/30/2010 19:05:30

Level 9
And here I will once more put a shameless plug in for an idea I had, which was to make any differences in the settings from a predetermined default template be in bold red font so that you can see exactly what has changed at a glance... The information is all there right now ofc if you look, but it would be nice to have it leap out at you in an obvious fashion...
Posts 1 - 8 of 8   

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