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Namib Picking in Strategic Greece, part 1: 4/5/2015 18:08:17

Level 59
Our clan's top 1v1 player, The Chosen One, has suggested it is possible to Namib pick successfully in Strategic Greece. I doubted his word, but decided to test it out for myself.

The rules of Namib picking, slightly adjusted for this template:

1) You must only make 5 picks. #TrustFizzer
1a) You must either quintuple pick a spot, or 1b) make 5 wasteland picks.

Results in game 1 were mixed. I am not sure if I can call what I did here, true Namib picking as the quintuple picks were not adjacent to each other. I submit this research to the rest of the community in the hopes that it will enlighten someone, somewhere. May be continued later.

Questions: was there a better Namib pick? Was my choice actually a true Namib pick? The floor is open.
Namib Picking in Strategic Greece, part 1: 4/5/2015 21:43:59

The Chosen Koala
Level 57
ahahahhaha i was just kidding! lolol you are awesome^^
Namib Picking in Strategic Greece, part 1: 4/6/2015 01:55:56

Level 59
I had to give it a try :D
Posts 1 - 3 of 3   

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