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[forum game] : Conspriacy: 5/12/2015 18:39:52

Level 35
No its not a puzzle , sort of. ( Inspired by Wolves ( not the clan , the forum Game) )

They were people in a mansion. They believe there was 1 killer , or 2? Mor maybe even more.

A simplified version of Mafis

3 types of peopla
-The killers
-The innocent
- The eyewitness


The_Killers : Your task is to kill people of course . At night you get to choose who to kill.

The_Innocent : Vote During the day to purposely kill the killers.

The_Eyewitness : the same role as the innocent but you are suppose to say a name in PM and the host will say yes or no if they're the killer. , keep it in secret though otherwise you would probably get killed.

PS. If you want to join post down below or PM me

Thomas 663

Edited 5/13/2015 15:31:18
[forum game] : Conspriacy: 5/12/2015 19:18:25

Level 52
You really need to hire a team of translators.
[forum game] : Conspriacy: 5/13/2015 01:50:34

The Mad Japanese
Level 51
Why do I feel that this is almost as similar as Town of Salem
[forum game] : Conspriacy: 5/13/2015 02:17:52

Level 59
So like Mafia, just simpler?
[forum game] : Conspriacy: 5/13/2015 03:47:16

Thomas 633
Level 56
id like to join
[forum game] : Conspriacy: 5/13/2015 09:11:40

Level 60
id he feel he would become importante if he created a new game which is exactly equal to so many other, adding to that his inability to transmit his ideas?
[forum game] : Conspriacy: 5/13/2015 10:59:46

Level 57
Let me translate!

This is not a puzzle like so many would believe it is instead a game built on mystery!

In the game there is 3 types of players these are:

The Killer/ Murderers- Their job is to kill off all the innocents and Eyewitnesses without dying themselves, there may be 1 or 2 of these depending on how many players we get!.

The Innocents- These guys are innocents and don't have a job as such but will at the end of each day vote ( along with the rest of the town) to have someone hanged!

The Eyewitness- These guys saw the crime happen yet they still remain unaware as to who it was, each turn they will ask the host in PM if it was a certain person, the host will then say yes or no depending on the answer, it is always best to keep quite if this is your job!

If you want to join post below or message me through WarLight mail!
[forum game] : Conspriacy: 5/13/2015 11:33:27

Thomas 633
Level 56
[forum game] : Conspriacy: 5/13/2015 15:28:35

Level 35
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