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Burkina Faso Map Ready for Testing!: 5/26/2015 23:45:47

Level 18
Hey guys. I've been working on a map for a few days and it's finally ready for testing! Let me know if you want to help test this map.

You can view the map here:
Burkina Faso Map Ready for Testing!: 5/27/2015 00:52:38

Level 55
Overall an interesting looking map :) Just a few connections that were overlooked:

Kadiogo South <---> Kadiogo Central
Oudalan South <---> Seno West
Namentenga North <---> Namentenga East
Namentenga West <---> Namentenga East
Namentenga West <---> Sanmetenga North
Sanmetenga North <---> Kaya
Namentenga North <---> Gnagna-Namentenga
Gnagna North <---> Seno Southeast
Gnagna North <---> Gourma Northwest
Gourma Southwest <---> Boulgou East
Boulgou Central <---> Boulgou South
Gnagna Southwest <---> Koupela
Zinaire <---> Oubritenga South
Zinaire <---> Oubritenga North

I was pretty thorough so that should be all (though there were a few ones where it was very iffy and could go either way on having a connection or not, so I left them off) but no promises, I might have missed one.
Keep up the good work!

Edited 5/27/2015 01:09:04
Posts 1 - 2 of 2   

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