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Blockade card: 1/12/2011 00:37:35

* Fattywads
Level 3
can you make it so the blockade card can be played on territories you think your are going to take during the turn and not just on territories you already own? this would make it useful. If you dont control the territory, it could just be discarded to insure no # of cards played bug is activated
Blockade card: 1/12/2011 03:43:24

Level 44
I agree this would be nice... in fact i thought it could be used this way, hadn't tried yet, lol
Blockade card: 1/13/2011 08:31:42

Level 10
the difference between it and an abandon card is you can regroup some armies around into the same country before abandon it.
Blockade card: 1/13/2011 18:53:51

PSV Supporter
Level 57
It should be nice! Also it should be nice, the Abandon card is active after adding some extra armies. I did lose armies a few times until I realized the Abandon card is active first, so adding armies doesn't have effect.
Blockade card: 1/13/2011 19:04:11

Matma Rex 
Level 3
> It should be nice! Also it should be nice, the Abandon card is active after adding some extra armies

It has been discussed (or even argued about), but Abandon is already powerful card and if you could sent or airlift more armies before abandoning, it would essentially allow you to kill a 300-stack in one turn with hardly any work.
Blockade card: 1/15/2011 13:09:18

PSV Supporter
Level 57
Ok, makes sence.
Blockade card: 1/19/2011 20:06:11

Level 5
Blockade is a much less valuable card than abandon. Holding an abandon (especially a high mulitplier one) permits you to stop a stack attack in it's tracks. Just having it in the game deters big attacks. Players prefer to send out smaller attacks and the transfer the rest of the stack over to avoid losing it. Whereas a blockade poses no risk to a stack attack. Worst case you don't entirely kill the target and end up with a much smaller neutral the next turn. But it never deters a stack from pressign forward immediately with everything.

Now if you could play it on a space you don't yet hold but expect to take that turn, it would be almost as good as an abandon. Then you could use it offensively to blow up an opp's bonus and abandon there the same turn. Of course if you fail to take that space for some reason, you'd lose the card.

I think this should be how it works. +1 for this change.
Blockade card: 1/20/2011 03:14:40

Blue Precision 
Level 32
+2 I actually really liked the idea at first as I intuitively thought that this was how it would work.
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