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Help test a new game: 6/20/2015 08:05:20

Mister Aqua
Level 56
I need help testing a new game. I have tried to make the game as fair as possible however I couldn't test it with open seats. I think I got the balance right but it would be nice if others could try and see if there are any problems with it and get back to me.
thank you in advance
Help test a new game: 6/20/2015 17:01:11

Level 59
I think it's pretty close to balance how, just needs to be tested with skilled players, unfortunatly noobs can often throw a spanner in the works. Not sure if that's a bad sign for a map, or a good one :P
Help test a new game: 6/20/2015 18:12:28

Level 58
The r-card is very powerful, and heavily favors a team with many players. I think Team A will win this.
Just look on the numbers, on turn 20, the r-card will give 100 armies and they'll have 2 of them+ an extra now and then. Increasing every turn. It'll proably take some time to beat the 7000 armies, but I believe it won't be that hard.

Also, a neat trick you can do is to click add/remove players and then remove, and add a open seat. The game will no refresh and reapear on the open seats tab.
Help test a new game: 6/20/2015 21:51:23

Level 59
Yeah, the R card gets very strong, and it really helps out Westeros, so long as they can survive. It really puts the emphasis on the Invaders to not hang about. Makes for an exciting game ususaly :)

In all the games we've played so far it's usually been about 50:50, usualy it's a noob who throws the game though, which is a shame perhaps...
Posts 1 - 4 of 4   

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