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The Police: 6/21/2015 17:25:49

[Wolf] {F} Kellen the Conquerer
Level 50

(I assume this is weekly rant thread #3)

Exhibit A:

What we see here is that Whites are killed (justified or not justified) by police 1.6 times more then Blacks are killed by police.

Exhibit B:

Although Whites attack more police often in their are more whites then blacks. So if the population was equal blacks would have a higher percentage.

Exhibit C:

What we have here is poverty by race. Blacks rank at the top (I wonder why). But Latinos are not far behind.


After a good hour of research I have concluded that class not race is the factor of who dies in police murders. That explains why Latinos are so high despite the fact that they are peaceful with the fuzz. I clap for the Asians who maintain a low percentage in all categorize. The media needs to stop race baiting and blacks need to stop falling for it. If anything the police are going easy on the blacks. Flame war below:

Edited 6/21/2015 17:30:22
The Police: 6/21/2015 17:36:14

Level 58
Your case is not complete, you must find out population of the US by race, comparative to shoot-worthy crimes committed in the US by race, comparative to races shot and killed by police. Exhibit B is irrelevant, and C is irrelevant until you find out all of these other aspects.

What you will probably find, is that the police aren't racist, but what actually happens, is that People get killed, no matter what their race is. Whichever race ends up at the top, ends at the top, just because it's black doesn't mean it's racist. What are you trying to prove here anyway? Just because white ended up at the top, doesn't mean they "aren't racist". Isn't this implying that the police are racist to whites?

Edited 6/21/2015 17:39:01
The Police: 6/21/2015 17:38:02

[Wolf] {F} Kellen the Conquerer
Level 50
Let me say this though. Blacks who die by the police aren't angel children who are coming home from choir.
The Police: 6/21/2015 18:33:15

Level 57
It's not really accurate, you should remember that there are many more whites than blacks in the United States, this Asian small percentage because they Population few, and a high percentage of blacks probably because they have a higher percentage of poverty, then most and the chance that they would have a high crime rate.
The Police: 6/22/2015 07:23:46

Level 55
Report What do you know about that page aside source for your post?

Its private registration and community managed. Its source on killings relies on news feeds. So the correlations follows like that: killing happens > corporate news report > kill counted or killing happens > no news > no count. Second the page also likes to point out how many times it has been referred in other media. Basically this page function is to count all the killings in USA and make it reliable source so others can refer to it.

Every study is private, just sometimes financed by others. Its not bad. But community managed and basic source is news could leave a lot out. Media is choosy-picky - they may deliberate leave out stories on white killings as they do not sell! or any other verision etc.

About the theoretical aspect as pointed above also. You (maybe not) unintentionally contort the data. You need to make clear claims on relative as well absolute cases and compare those with: in this case overall population by race. And crimes commited or threat-like situations created. AND IF you have time and can find reliable source point out cases in which circumstances they were shot or overall crimes committed by different races or arrests-crimes commited to see the real % of race X being shot by police comparative to different varibles.This could add quite a color into real story. Although I imagine its quite hard to find that specific data.

Easiest would be: reliable source of police killings. Then compare with overall population. Relative and absolute comparison. And then include as well crime rate - threat situation created.

And little advice dealing with police :)

Edited 6/22/2015 07:26:24
The Police: 6/22/2015 13:28:25

George Bush
Level 52
The news media seems to be trying to drag the US back into the 1800s. I find it completely idiotic that every time a black individual is shot and killed by the police it becomes national news. The police are not racist, there maybe a few racist cops out there, but the vast majority of cops are trying to do their job and enforce the law.

It's a shame when someone breaks the law and begins to fight with the cop, threatening them and fighting back and they end up getting shot because of that regardless of their race. However for whatever reason news stations blow the whole incident out of proportion when it involves a black man and a white cop and try to make it seem like some horrible racist hate crime happened. I'm sick of hearing about this crap.

What good do they think they're accomplishing by this? First of all they're practically ruining the cop's life. They're causing huge groups of people to hate the police, creating this belief that the police are enemies of blacks. Sometimes I even feel like its creating more crime. Thats just my rant on the matter. The news media is really screwed up.
The Police: 6/22/2015 13:31:58

Level 57
The press has an interest to doing riots, they want ratings, and they found....
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