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Media Bias: 6/29/2015 01:48:30

[Wolf] {F} Kellen the Conquerer
Level 50
Anyone have a chart of news agencies and what they are biased on?
Media Bias: 6/29/2015 02:35:14

Eklipse {TJC}
Level 57
I don't know about other countries, but you don't really need a chart to sum up the bias of U.S Media.

Fox=Conservative Bias
Almost everyone else=Liberal Bias
Media Bias: 6/29/2015 02:37:40

Major General Smedley Butler
Level 49
CNN= American bias
RT = Russian bias
Al Jazeera = little bias
Media Bias: 6/29/2015 02:59:37

Darth Darth Binks
Level 56
+1 Eklipse
Media Bias: 6/29/2015 03:35:54

Level 55

Not expert in field US news stations. But have heard something good about Media Research Center - depolitices news. They have quite a lot projects Newsbuster is one of them. It needs a critical eye to evaluate whether MRC is actually objective.

Another source, yet unknown and unchecked, for news stations political sepctrum:

And something further to get you started:

We are all subjective, biased. Nothing bad about it. Take just topics of abortion, capital punishment etc. Our intrests and views are fundamentally different. We just need to take into considerations the news source and which way it tries to lead us. Approaching critcally to every fact, statement is a remedy-medicin reading any news. For example I tend to read The Economist - I know its West and slightly promotes liberal economy-politics. But its not bad because of its bias. Just must remember not to let one influence fully about it. The above picture were a real thing and is most commonly showed to paint a image how different media stations see things and intentionally purport the real state of things.

Second thing about bias is "missing out" or "leaving blank". For example not talking, writing at all to protect certain type of viewpoint. This is bias in deepest sense, because not even critical eye can detect it, if information is not shared. And for the last Cover stories are generally most biased - best way to evaluate what political spectre they promote or try to belittle.

When it comes Big topics - foregin policy, international affairs, diplomacy, defense, economy. I would suggest to leave out small daily news and try to get hands of reasearch centers. Not because they are least biased - but bias is more straightforward. Pointed out what view on supports. Everyday journalist can not be expert of those fields. Reasearch centers generally do not make common fallacies, that can be found in daily news. And peer-review is much strickter.

My advice!
Media Bias: 6/29/2015 03:49:31

Darth Darth Binks
Level 56
Your advice is good advice.
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