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Wha's a normal amount of multi-day games to be in?: 7/10/2015 22:10:45

Level 51
I'm currently involved in 9 multi-day games but am finding myself a little bored since it takes ages to for people to take their turn or get booted. I want to get move invested but i don't want to over extend myself. I'm wondering to see what people do.
Wha's a normal amount of multi-day games to be in?: 7/10/2015 22:37:30

Level 58
If you level up, you can join the Seasonal, 1v1, and 2v2 ladders which guarantee a regular supply of games (up to 5 games per ladder) so that's up to 14 ongoing multi-day games at any given time.

Beyond that, I'm currently in 55 and here's the breakdown (I missed 5, I think, but have no idea what they were):

1 1v1 Strategic ME game
1 1v1 Macro Land game to test a potential recruit
1 17v17 Big Africa interclan game (intentionally absurd)
1 3FFA on Rise of Rome

1 Africa colonization diplomacy
1 interclan post-apocalyptic World Nations diplomacy
1 other post-apocalyptic World Nations diplomacy
1 British Isles clan recruitment diplomacy
1 interclan British Isles diplomacy
4 other British Isles feudalism diplomacies
1 interclan European Cities diplomacy
1 team diplomacy on Tale of Four Cities

2 games from the 1v1 ladder
4 games from the Season XX ladder
3 games from the 2v2 ladder

3 games from CORP Strategic League 1v1
3 games from CORP Strategic League 2v2
1 game from CORP Strategic League 3v3

TOURNAMENTS - 13 games
5 games from a 4v4 Rise of Rome tournament
2 games from a 1v1 Double Earth LD tournament
1 games from a tedious 1v1 tournament on Triskelion
1 game from a Siege of Feldmere 4FFA tournament
1 game from a 5v5 Crusades tournament
1 game from a 7v7 Avatar tournament
1 game from a China 2v2 tournament
1 game from an Europe 3v3 tournament

CHATS (shouldn't really count, so subtract them from the total) - 7 games
1 clan-wide chat
1 clan administration/managers chat
2 sub-clan group chats
1 chat for clan managers for Clan League 7 (an inter-clan competition)
1 clan real-time/multi-day game/tournament matchmaking chat
1 chat I made as an inside joke

So basically, the easy way to get a lot of games:

- join tournaments (to get invites to private tournaments, just play Open Games and you'll start showing up on people's invite lists)
- level up and join the ladders
- join a clan that's active and creates games/tournaments often
- compete in private leagues like Clan League or any intra-clan leagues

Edited 7/10/2015 22:37:53
Wha's a normal amount of multi-day games to be in?: 7/10/2015 22:48:19

Level 58
1 chat I made as an inside joke

Hahahaha, that was funny.
Wha's a normal amount of multi-day games to be in?: 7/10/2015 22:52:05

Level 55
He's not specifically asking how to get more games.
Wha's a normal amount of multi-day games to be in?: 7/10/2015 22:54:58

Level 58
I used to have 10+ games in my early age in Warlight.

I generally had at least two games to commit my turn. Games with over 3 day boot time can be very long. Some players prefer 36 hours game (1 day and a half).
Wha's a normal amount of multi-day games to be in?: 7/11/2015 00:03:40

Level 58
Wha's a normal amount of multi-day games to be in?

I personally like to stay around 20 multi-day games, and if that's not enough sometime, then there are still realtime (ladder)games.
Wha's a normal amount of multi-day games to be in?: 7/11/2015 00:26:32

Level 44
33 at the moment. I spend about 30-45 minutes before work, and an hour-and-a-half after work taking turns. It's a good pace for me.
Wha's a normal amount of multi-day games to be in?: 7/11/2015 01:00:59

Level 58
@Kapy et al: sorry, I was confused by the text. It sounded like he wanted more than just 9 regular ongoing games. I'd agree with Orange that about 15-20 is a normal amount.

Also, for real-time, Open Games (even 1v1 autos) aren't so bad if you just patiently wait for either solid players (there are definitely a good number of 1v1 ladder top 50 in there) or their Calculator-style alts.
Wha's a normal amount of multi-day games to be in?: 7/11/2015 01:49:09

Level 59
The most I've ever done was around 120 at a time. It was nuts. I'm never doing it again.

Right now I'm hovering near.... ummmm.... 30 on FK, another 5 ish on one alt and another 11 ish on another? Sounds about right.
Wha's a normal amount of multi-day games to be in?: 7/11/2015 02:37:31

Level 59
Most of my games are from ladders and such.

- 4 from Season XX
- 5 (reduced to 2) from 1v1 Ladder
- 2 from 2v2 Ladder
- 8 (reduced to 4) from CSL 1v1
- 2 from CSL 2v2
- 3 from CSL 3v3
- 1 from Randomized Ladder


I am really trying to reduce my games, and probably got booted from a few recently :P
Wha's a normal amount of multi-day games to be in?: 7/13/2015 13:09:58

Level 55
There is not universal number. I do not know it to be fact, but it seems there is´nt even a limit. But few guidelines to future plays!

1. All FFA, 1vs1 games take a lot less time! Why because you have to decide alone. Playing team 2vs2, 3vs3 etc...take a more time co-operate, communicate, co-ordinate attacks!
2. Everything depends on map size. Playing 1vs1 or 5vs5 on 1000 territory map! Still team-game takes more because even if you have to make same amount attacks-defenses, generally to play well you need to work as a team.
3. So try to think forward when joining games. First turns on 500+ territory maps might take minutes put after turn 20-30 even a turn could take 15-30 minutes depends how much you want to think and apply strategy.
4. Playing 10 small map games might take a lot less than 1 big team game.
5. Try to estimate how long particual game could last - in turns and days - so you could think if you are sure you are available all the time. Because last thing you want is to get booted, surrender and waste the played time thus far.
6. For me its around up to 15. Because I do not like to watch every day every games history to get all the intel possible. Membering past this amount aside of real life gets rather complicated. + I would prefer implemented notes rather Notepad format :) (Hopefully a future function)

Know how much time you have! How much time it takes for you to make turns in different sizes of maps, teamgames, solos. Think forward and don´t get booted!

Edited 7/13/2015 13:12:52
Wha's a normal amount of multi-day games to be in?: 7/16/2015 09:30:40

Major General Smedley Butler
Level 49
At one point I had 50 diplomacy games going. My God I hated logging onto warlight for a while knowing the chore it'd be. Point is don't get that many games unless you're a masochist.
Wha's a normal amount of multi-day games to be in?: 7/16/2015 09:49:38

[NL] Willem van Oranje
Level 57
I have in total 20-30 games active
- 5-10 map of the week games that i create every week
- 1-10 tournament games (I make sure I don't have more than 10 active tournaments running)
- 1-5 clan games (including diplomacy)
- 5-10 joined games from game tab (including diplomacy)
- Sometimes 1 clan chat game.

It takes a lot of time to use watch turn button and then have 50 games, but if you use show all and comit orders you can easely handle 50 games or more

I spend 2-3 hours a day at warlight and I use watch turn button, that will take a long time especially for huge maps (Issander's huge world for example)

My advice is to join games in the multiplayer game tab and if you have enough connections/friends or in a clan than you could make some games with your friends or clanmates.
20-30 games will be enough to get you busy for 2 hours each day.
Keep in mind thatEurope has summer holidays now which means that many players could be on vacation, leaving vacation mode on so games will progress very slowly in Juli and August...

Edited 7/16/2015 09:54:26
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