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WarLight is a free-to-play indie game. As a WarLight member you can play without advertisements and also unlock some additional features for you to use. Thank you for supporting the game by purchasing membership!

One month trial:* Sign in to activate Free!
Monthly Membership: $3.99 USD or 399 coins
Yearly Membership: $14.99 USD or 1,499 coins
* Trial automatically converts to a monthly membership after one month if not cancelled. Cancel at any time. Membership payments are non-refundable. A Lifetime Membership Option is also available.

Member Benefits
Ad-Free Play Members never have to see an advertisement on WarLight.
Unity Client Members get full use of the new under-developent Unity client, the best way to play WarLight! It also has whole new features, such as mods.
Commanders Members can include Commanders in games they create.
Bomb Card Members can include the Bomb Card in games they create.
Create 20 player games Members can create games with up to 20 players. This can be any mix of AIs, open seats, or other players (they don't have to be members.)
Extra Vacations Members can take up to 7 vacations per year.
Recent Games page Members can view the Recent Games page to see games other players are playing.
Autopilot Members can use Autopilot, which allows AIs to enter orders for them.
Images on the Forum Members can in-line images in forum posts and mail threads.
Open Games Members can advertise up to four games on the Open Games section at once, whereas a non-member can only advertise two.


You can purchase either through PayPal or with WarLight coins. Your billing information is never shared with WarLight, so you know your transaction is safe and secure.

Your account will be upgraded to member-status immediately after the transaction is complete. You can also gift membership status to someone else.

Thank you for supporting indie gaming!

WarLight is indie in the true sense of the word, as the entire site is created and managed by a single person. This is how I'm able to offer such great value at such a low price. Thank you for your support!

Membership does not make you stronger!
Membership unlocks new features and gets rid of advertisements. It does not increase your chances at winning a game. WarLight does not sell additional armies, cards, or anything that would give paying players an advantage over free players. WarLight is fundamentally a competitive strategy game and it's important that free players have the same chances to win as members.

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