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Clan: MASTER Clan

Number of members: 17
Tagline: Bow to the Masters!
Created: 9/24/2013

Bio: You are either one of us or against us! The MASTER Clan is where all Masters of Warlight come together to kick butt! We are a friendly fun, but still skilled group of players.

Supreme Leader: Not Jeff

Set up a game with MoD/MotD if interested in joining.

Past Members:

Lizard Person

Clan Member Title
master of desaster Big Mec
Timinator • apex Teemy McSchweinshaxe
Master of the Dead Indie McVeggo
Master Bjarke Fillet O'Bjeef
Master Ryiro McAloo Tikki
#Master [QB] Quarter (Mc)Bounder
Master Jz Trolley McChicken
Jefferspin Spoony McNugget
Sephiroth Tenga Egg McMuffin
Pardon99 Stinky McCheese
Master Atom ◆Elite◆ Yello McNapalm
TheWarlightMaster Hamburger
Master Miyagi • apex Cheeseburger
rouxburg Halal McKebab
Kenny • apex Skeeny McRibs
slammy Salami McToast
Master Farah♦ Smoky McWeed

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