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Clan: M'Hunters

Number of members: 69
Tagline: Social and competeteve ;)
Created: 9/18/2014

Bio: We are a group of competitive and semi competitive WarLight players aiming to carry the boardgame feeling of playing risk with friends over to the online WarLight game. This means that for us the social aspect comes first and the environment in which we socialise is competitive WarLight play. Some of our guys might love to talk smack during their games however you won't find us camping the boot trigger.


Member benefits:
- Clan chat game + Skype group to find reliable players or someone to chat
- Game play analysis
- Clan tournaments
- Internal tournaments including our own promotion relegation league


Prerequisites for joining:
- Reasonably low boot rate
- Only main accounts
- Skill level above rubbish (Please read our linked strategy guide. We can't accept guys being to lazy to make a 6th pick in autogames.)
- No weirdos like ladder stallers, speedy booters or the like
- Explicitely NO level prerequisite. We are open for ambitious newbies


How to apply:
Please send a mail with a couple of 1v1 game links to one of our council members, either Melethron, TBest, AyanM (on sabatical), fifi or Norman. We usually decide on new applicants within 48 hours. Don't worry, we don't bite.

★ - the last MH internal League's Division's winner

Clan Member Title
ziskonian republic ziskonian jester
Bottleneck A++
Pete Hansen King of noobs
Emu Pub ★ Selling what? [CM]
hobo ★ tramp
AI Hurt AI
TBest Semicedevine [CM]
AyanM The founder
Berenbossen les francais...
Niklas CAGE
Wolfer canidae spy
mpleite [PT/EN] warning: male player
Leo41 Fencer
iliadaset Odysseus3
mamuc Hoffenheim fan
homosovieticus lupus est
[GER] Florian RB Leipzig fan
the_don duke
♆♆♆ RedBloodyKiller ♆♆♆ The Lost Son
Aldehyde random player
Mike Gold Hunter
joey stallin dalek pig slave
NewCompte stats hunter
DangleSauce yes, that Sauce
Jull Juuuul!!!!
[IM]YouMustBeKidding Inof. Mitarbeiter
Chromeo Lone Wolf
Javor Miezekatze Hunter
Renegade Seeker
Friendly ᗪᏒᎯᎶᎾN speedy booter
DeepPink dalek in disguise
90 \(ºº)/ call me maybe
(CZ-SK)eXitus Giant from Moravia
Norman Dalek Commander [CM]
fifi MH ChuckNorris [CM]
Cluster clusterpick only
LTEmperor Forrest Eagle
Kerim Khan Savior
Jesus super nice guy
Muharip homeless ;(
ekostas pays taxes (lol, no)
mousomer PwerPuff analyst
Melethron A True Bajsbarn [CM]
Kornel_PL communist hunter
Sanity Clause insane
SpartanKillerElite True Warrior
Linux mom
Dag English: Day
Potato[LTU] ★ Manbearpotato
Jonto Nocuous Turtle
Richard M. Nixon worst president ever
mtuborg no title-> pig slave
[WL贴吧]jhk paste dead smile
laura Pretty Woman
TOBYJH if you dare
Espurr be gentle pls
Poop Sandwich Disgusting Pig
Michael Lyle Sith Lord
blobblob looking for love
UniVersaL sup bro!
GeorgesDu14 hisses white flag
Skilled random internet guy
Rudohasp Erafräajökodüll
Blitzkrieg Multiattack
Maayan 2012 Wait it 's 2016
HaKoVesh the conqueror
Digital ★ The 69th!
lewyy7 bottom tier guy

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