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Clan: Fifth Column Confederation

Number of members: 64
Tagline: Growth. Liberty. Unity. Strength. Honor.
Created: 9/26/2013

Bio: Welcome to the Fifth Column Confederation Clan Page! This Clan is a Triple-Purpose Clan, focusing on Strategy, Cartography, and Diplomacy. The members are divided into three orders:

The Order of the Sword is the branch of the clan which focuses on strategy and strategical improvement. It is led by the Master of the Sword, whose job it is to teach tactics and strategy to members of this Order and anyone in the clan who wants to learn. Members of this order MUST have a will and desire to improve their game, learn from the Master of the Sword and from each other.

The Order of Maps is the order that focuses on Map Development and Publishing. Members of this order are led by the Master Cartographer, whose job is to teach the members how to make good, well balanced and artistic Maps. Members of this order may choose to either make their own maps, or assist in the development of maps of other members.

The Order of Diplomacy, Led by the Master Diplomat, focuses on diplomacy games. This Order provides the clan with diplomacy and other role-playing games and activitiy,Also the creation of new diplos.

The FCC is now ruled by council. The following are our council Members:

[]Members: [FCC] Aura Guardian, CBerkley10,Numberhawk44, Noobinator
[]Master of the Sword: supergamerzchannel
[]Master Diplomat: Timewizz65
[]Master Cartographer: Ginger King
[]Elder (Recruitment Chief): Razgriz (semi-inactive)
-Temporary: Cberkley10

If you are interested in joining the clan, please feel free to contact. Timewizz65 or CBerkley10

Allied Clans:
East India Company

Historical Directors:

1. Jack Wolfe
2. Sinistral Gamer
3. [FCC] Aura Guardian

Clan Member Title
sloppyfatginger Order of Maps
[FCC] Aura Guardian Council- GM
Glenn Parmentier Order of the Sword
Space Patrol Order of the Sword
supergamerzchannel Master of the Sword
Gimli´s Koala Order of the Sword
DontAttackMe Order of the Sword
Timewizz65 Master Diplomat
Empire of Brazil Order of the Sword
agarionoob Order of the Sword
BrunoRz Order of the Sword
Noobinator Council - GM
Omniscient Order of the Sword
{Hercules Order of the Sword
PureEvil Order of Diplomacy
[TWI] limalia_786 Order of Diplomacy
Gauge Order of Diplomacy
Krowe Order of the Sword
Captainpete86 Order of the Sword
uknome88 Order of the Sword
legodude11078 Order of the Sword
[FCC] Spudnik 2.0 Order of Diplomacy
Nash Empire Order of Diplomacy
Carton Order of the Sword
Uncle Sam Order of the Sword
[FCC] Lelouch Vi Britannia Order of the Sword
Patrick Order of Diplomacy
[FCC] Derpy Hooves Order of the Sword
CBerkley10 Council- GM
Flesius9517 Order of Maps
link Order of Diplomacy
francisco0002 Order of Diplomacy
IMMORTAL Order of the Sword
Jyu Viole Grace Order of the Sword
Ginger King Master Cartographer
[FCC] Deniz Vice President
[EIC] Cade Order of Diplomacy
Overlord Order of Diplomacy
TrapGod Order of the Sword
MirJ Order of Maps
The Loyalist Order of the Sword
Browny12356 Order of the Sword
Razgriz Elder
General Amoora Order of Maps
General Bosic Order of Diplomacy
Desert Fox Order of Diplomacy
The Usurper Order of Diplomacy
SpectreStatus Order of Diplomacy
Abraxis Order of Maps
✌ Drizzy Hendrix ✌ Order of the Sword
Numberhawk44 Order of Diplomacy
The Black Ninja Order of Diplomacy
PunyHuman Order of Diplomacy
NotAHacker Order of Diplomacy
The Mexican General Order of Diplomacy
King Crimson Order of the Sword
ಠ_ರೃ King Of Pi Order of Diplomacy
Logan Order of the Sword
Master Sarah♦ Order of Maps
Scribbs Order of the Sword
Baseborn Order of Diplomacy
Matt Stone Order of Diplomacy
Toast Order of the Sword
FCC Map Makers Order of Maps

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