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Clan: Fifth Column Confederation

Number of members: 71
Tagline: Strength. Liberty. Unity. Growth. Honor.
Created: 9/26/2013

Bio: -

Welcome to the Fifth Column Confederation Clan Page! This is a Triple-Purpose Clan, focusing on Strategy, Cartography, and Diplomacy. The members are divided into three orders:

The Order of the Sword is the branch of the clan which focuses on strategy and strategical improvement. It is led by the Master of the Sword, whose job is to teach tactics and strategy to members of to anyone in the clan who wants to learn, and create activities that promote strategical thinking.

The Order of Maps is the order that focuses on Map Development and Publishing. Members of this order are led by the Master Cartographer, whose job is to teach the members how to make good, well balanced and artistic Maps. Members of this order may choose to either make their own maps, or assist in the development of maps of other members.

The Order of Diplomacy, Led by the Master Diplomat, focuses on diplomacy games. This Order provides the clan with diplomacy and other role-playing games and activitiy,Also the creation of new diplos.

The FCC is ruled by council. The following are our council Members:

[]Members: [FCC] Aura Guardian, supergamerzchannel, sloppyfatginger, DontAttackMe, General Bosic, Cberkley10
[]Master of the Sword: Super Smoove
[]Master Diplomat: Master Mudkip65
[]Master Cartographer: Ginger King

Recommended minimum level is 20.

Max Bootrate:

Order of Diplomacy: 30%*
Order of the Sword: 15%
Order of Maps: 30%*, but waiveable if you have already made a map. If you have not made a map, then the 30% bootrate is not waiveable.

*We do inquire about bootrates greater than 15%.

Historical Directors:

1. Jack Wolfe
2. Sinistral Gamer
3. [FCC] Aura Guardian

The FCC Ring of Honor is FCC's Immortalized Players. Their Contributions to the clan were so large that they are given a waiver to the 30 day inactivity removal. The following players comprise of the FCC Ring of Honor:


Clan Member Title
sloppyfatginger Council Member - GM
[FCC] Aura Guardian Council Member-GM
♦ Drizzy Drake ♦ Order of the Sword
Clint Eastwood Order of Maps
Glenn Parmentier Order of the Sword
Super Smoove Master of the Sword
[FCC] SuperGamerzChannel Council Member- GM
Space Patrol Order of the Sword
DontAttackMe Council Member-GM
AmethyCyan Order of Diplomacy
Emperor Order of the Sword
Stu Order of Diplomcay
Heimall Order of the Sword
BADA Order of the Sword
BrunoRz Order of Diplomacy
Lava Piranha Order of the Sword
Empire of Brazil Order of the Sword
Master Mudkip65 Master Diplomat
SpectreStatus Order of Diplomacy
Captainpete86 Order of the Sword
Krowe Order of the Sword
[FCC] Lord Hasthil Order of the Sword
Rubik87 Order of the Sword
tokloid Order of Diplomacy
Fiddeminister Order of Diplomacy
Noobinator FCC Ring of Honor
{Hercules Order of the Sword
Jyu Viole Grace SWORD NINJA
DeмoZ Order of the Sword
Just Sam Order of the Sword
General Bosic Council Member - GM
Urfang Order of Maps
Velenah Order of Maps
[FCC] BlurryFace Order of the Sword
Nash Empire Order of Diplomacy
Aligator Order of the Sword
[FCC] Faustipher Order of the Sword
[FCC] SouthPenguin Jay Order of Diplomacy
Hancock_da_Great Order of the Sword
Kai Order of Diplomacy
[FCC] Spudnik 2.0 Order of Diplomacy
Abraxis Order of Maps
Patrick Order of Diplomacy
Hydra Order of the Sword
[FCC] Derpy Hooves Order of the Sword
Browny12356 Order of Diplomacy
[WL] Colonel Harthacanute Order of Dipomacy
[FCC] CBerkley10 Council Member- GM
Ginger King Master Cartographer
Flesius9517 Order of Maps
The Dinkster Order of the Sword
francisco0002 Order of Diplomacy
link Order of Diplomacy
Daniel Order of Diplomacy
Khena90 Order of Maps
Razgriz Order of Diplomacy
[FCC] Deniz Vice President
The Usurper Order of Diplomacy
90125 Order of the Sword
ranger297 Order of the Sword
Baconsizzle1738 Order of Maps
Edogawa Conan Order of the Sword
Penguin Unity Order of the Sword
Desert Fox Order of the Sword
Master Poof Order of Maps
Numberhawk44 Order of Diplomacy
Ryanyellow Order of Diplomacy
Spetsnaz Gaming2 Order of Diplomacy
Interregnum Order of Diplomacy
Raven Order of Diplomacy
FCC Map Makers Order of Maps

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