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Clan: The Gentlemen's Clan

Number of members: 29
Tagline: Stay Classy, Gents!
Created: 5/1/2015

Bio: Welcome to the Gentlemen's page good sir (or lady)!

Here you will find those in Warlight who are active, polite and classy individuals who hope to unite the Gentlemen (and Ladies) of the community. We are both for strategy and role-play in our clan, and host both types of games.

If you join it will be expected that you check the forum regularly, as there may be important information about clan vs clan games, recruitment etc. There is also a chat game for those who wish to use that instead, and also a Facebook chat group. Tell us what you want to use.

The requirements for joining are decided by the manager on request.

Requirements to join thus far:
-Boot rate below 30%(Those with a higher boot rate, who were already in the clan prior to this requirement are exempt)
-Be level +15.
-Active at least once every seven days.

Managers-On-Duty: Pepé the Perverted Penguin, IV

1. The Poon Squad
3. The Fourth Reich

Clan Member Title
xsandman xspiderman
It_Is_I Yet not Me
Alvin Nobody De Chipmunk
Gruzzen Retired {RIP}
BielekPL Mr. Simple
Cthulhu Doc Oc
VaporWolf [FROG] De Danker Of Memers
Highlander Mr. Legend
Diplomatic Immunity Leader/Founder
Tiwato Otawit
Pepé the Perverted Penguin Co-Leader/Co-Founder
Ewiger Zar Raz Regiwe
Bub Lil Bub
IV Mr. Four
Prime13576 Transformer
Commonwealth of McNamara Mr. Republic
danhicks Sir Daniel
alex Mr. X
Epicular Mr. Epic
PatchworkKnight Mr. Clockwork
Boyjoe Mr. Man
Jessie Jane JJ Dewie
PoorRichard Richy Rich
Jake Mr.Jake
ThePaprikaEmpire Mr. Spice
Phoenix Retired Co-Founder
Merlin The Mage
GameWinner GameLoser

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