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Clan: Vikinger

Number of members: 3
Tagline: Victory or Valhöll!
Created: 10/7/2015

Bio: ᚠᚢᚦᚨᚱᚲᚷᚹᚺᚻᚾᛁᛃᛇᛈᛉᛊᛋᛏᛒᛖᛗᛚᛜᛝᛟᛞᚠᚢᚦᚨᚱᚲᚷᚹᚺᚻᚾᛁᛃᛇᛈᛉᛊᛋᛏᛒᛖᛗᛚᛜᛝᛟᛞᚠᚢᚦᚨᚱᚲᚷᚹᚺᚻᚾᛁᛃᛇᛈᛉᛊᛋᛏᛒᛖᛗᛚᛜᛝᛟᛞ

Vikinger is essentially a community clan with emphasis on strategic gameplay. Having fun will always take priority over results. We do however expect potential members to have a solid playing foundation.

All recruits will be expected to be active and participate to the best of their abilities in either Skype or Clan Game Chat subject to RL. After 40 days of inactivity players will be sent to the hall of the Chosen Slain.

Vikinger participated in Clan League 8.

As a member of Vikinger you can expect an active community, reliable members and a live internal Promotion/Relegation league.

Vikinger P/R League:

ᛟᛟ Hall of the Chosen Slain ᛟᛟ:

ᛣ Brenainn
ᛣ Gulius Jäsar
ᛣ Carlos12.0
ᛣ Koopa Troopa

⋆ Court of goði

Ratings (Based on 1v1 ladder stats)

1500+ - ChosenAxeman
1700+ - Joms Viking
1900+ - Berserker

Clan Member Title
QuetzlCoatle ChosenAxeman
Vladimir Axeman
Marvin the Martian Guardian

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