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Clan: New World Order

Number of members: 27
Tagline: Novus Ordo Seclorum
Created: 12/6/2015

Bio: New World Order is a clan primarly focused on strategical gaming (tournaments, ladders, clan league, etc.), but we also like casual open real-time games like RoR.

Our main objective as a clan is that each member improves himself/herself on strategical gaming until they reach the level they desire. We also value the respect of fellow clanmates, loyalty and overall pleasant attitude.

Having Discord is not essential, but it helps increase the quality and quantity of communication between clanmates. We have also a wl game chat to make games, discuss of important events, etc.

NWO won division E (new clans) of Clan League 8


Current CM: LeQuébécois_Benoit (

To apply for the clan :-

▲ Message Ben and provide links to some of your best competitive games.
▲ We will set up games with you, in accordance with your preferences, to test your skills and see how you can blend in the group.


Titles are given based on the number of achievements attained. Each achievement is worth a certain amount of ▲ and specific titles are attributed based on the number of ▲ held by a player.

For all details of the ranking system, check this link:


Tutorial material for NWO players can be find here. It is mostly YouTube Videos on specific topics related to WL.


Current interclan league of NWO (Captain's league 2):

Current intraclan league of NWO (IRGEURS league 2):

Clan Member Title
LeQuébécois_Benoit Supreme IRGEUR 91▲
Keyser Soze BEAST 60▲
Requiem for a dream
Chafram Warrior 30▲
boontjekoen Apprentice 27▲
Mr Green Muse 17▲
Gustaf Mannerheim Warrior 35▲
moffel38 Warlord 44▲
Nikola Warlord 42▲
Doldolyi Warrior 30▲
Paker Warrior 34▲
cj13 Apprentice 27▲
Arcturus Apprentice 23▲
Gojirra Muse 16▲
FourSkin Apprentice 25▲
Jack Muse 18▲
Sir Broiler
Frisky Two Times Muse 18▲

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