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Clan: waco inc

Number of members: 33
Tagline: ooooo ya
Created: 1/6/2016

Bio: we are waco inc. strong business group that will KILL u. here da clan system

adrian waco is supreme waco leader he a island boy ooo ya mm
#TrumpTrain is second in command he go KAZOOOO walala

here our waco anthem: mmmmmmmmmmm let waco this place up wapo mmm

person with title of waco has supreme power. his will override the board of director. on issues that the waco does not care about the board will decide on whatever things they want. including booting, inviting, and waco related activites. Super Director has equivalent power of a waco but must follow da will of the DIRECTORS

green goblins are zombie warrior that were summon by da waco members. we use these zombie warrior for our STRENGTH

directors direct
waco does waco

if adrian waco doesnt like u then u pay one dollar to join the clan.
u can also invest in waco inc's future by becoming a SHAREHOLDER of the clan. shareholder has significant influence over the clan. u become a shareholder by investing 5 dollars to WACO

join us we r strong walalala

Clan Member Title
SchönSalz7🌓 trump
Dexterous Strategist fire wizard
nesimi chief OPERATOR
ayy lmao weeee
BUFFALO it a buffalo mm
3.141592653589793238462643383279502884197169399375 KAZOOOOO
Rosie "fat pig" O'Donnell fat ass
kingvictor1997 monarchist wee
Tonald Dump spy that look atwaco
adrian waco waco
Kancer ok
i like pie build da wall
#TrumpTrain CHOO CHOO!
Cata Waca orange juice
Bactrian Emperor w a r r i o r
i am fotwald is fotwald, confermd
Minecraft Champion chinka
Brickhead387 brci kboy
Trumps Wall mexico pay 4 it
Donald J Trump trumpster fire
e_e green goblin
Trump2016 fighter
AjaxAmsterdam ajax cleaner sweep
SkylerWarlightUser heroin user
knyte shyamalan spiritual healer
DefenderofFreedom murica fuck yea
Sai Shirogetsu japanese warrior
mama wapo
Neoconservative Shill bush did 9/11
Clinton_will_be_our_first_F_president no!!!!!!
★ Trump's Small Loan ★ of a million dollars

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