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Clan: The East India Company

Number of members: 35
Created: 1/24/2016

Bio: The East India Company is a friendly community of RPing, strategy, and diplomacy players.
Our goal is to provide advantages to our members and develop their talents.

The clan is run by the Board of Directors (BoD).
~ Directors ~
Governor - Madmen
Director - Zenvue
Director - Noontiger - Investor - Blackhawks88
Director - BADA (was:Ragnar)
Director - Sara C

Make sure to sign up for a fleet once you've joined.

= Calcutta Fleet =

Type: Strategy
Fleet Admiral: Ragnar
High Admiral: Madmen
Rear Admiral: dunamis
Recruitment: Madmen, Ragnar, NoonTiger, Sara C. (Blackhawks88)
To join you should have
<10-15% boot rate
>50-55% win rate in 1v1s
>50% win rate in 2v2s/3v3s
Minimum 250 games completed

= Bombay Fleet =

Type: Diplomacy
Fleet Admiral: Blackhawks88
High Admiral: Kai
Rear Admiral: -
To join you should have:
<20% boot rate

= Ranks =

Governor = Clan Leader. Part of the Board of Directors
Director = Part of the BoD
Fleet Admiral = Leader of a fleet
Investor = Board of Investors which operate as assistants to the Directors
High Admiral = An elite player who is the best in his fleet
Rear Admiral = Active on forums and in games. A highly-skilled member of the clan
Commodore = Active on forums and in games
Captain = Active player, in a fleet and invited to clan games
Seaman = Member with no fleet-expected to choose a fleet within 1 week
Swab = Member showing disrespect to players within or without the clan
Adrift = Member not active for 7 or more days without notice
Members will be booted after 15 days of inactivity

= EIC Leagues = See Clan Forums for info =

EIC Premiere League (FREE COIN PRIZES)
Sn 1: 1st-Ragnar
Sn 2: 1st-Ragnar
Sn 3: 1st-Madmen
Sn 4: Everyone loses! 2nd-Madmen & Sara C

EIC/FCC Promotion/Relegation League
Sn 1: 1st-Madmen
Sn 2: Ongoing

Role Players Clan League (RPCL)
Sn 2: Div B: EIC-1st Place!

= Lost at Sea =
[Wolf]The Conservative

Clan Member Title
Emperor Calcutta Commodore
Yulian Provoke Calcutta Commodore
The Serpent Calcutta Captain
Madmen Governor
willow adrift-Calc Captain
mediterraneo1 Calcutta Captain
Sara C Director
ACMFatih1899 Bombay Captain
BADA Calcutta Fleet Adm.
Heimall Calcutta Captain
BlazinCake Bombay Commodore
Systiem Calcutta Captain
Baconbits10 Bombay Captain
NoonTiger Director
Ji-yeahya adrift-Calc Captain
Kai Bombay Fleet Admiral
Zenvue Director
[East]Totally Not Zane Adrift-Bombay Captan
Hydra Adrift-Calc Captain
Someone Bombay Commodore
President Tim Bombay Captain
KubaM1 (The Great Polish Emperor) Bombay Captain
Juan Carlos Castro Hernandez Bombay Captain
Templar The Massacre Assassin Bombay Captain
Blackhawks88 Investor
crikiller Bombay Captain
Jnurwin Bombay Commodore
Vince Adrift-BombayComm
Daniel Bombay Commodore
☭ Sovietissimmo ☭ [Русский СФСР] adrift-BombayCaptain
Andrew Adrift-Cal Commodore
slothpope Bombay Captain
Faresta100 Bombay Captain
Eire16 Calcutta Captain
[Sensei] Bombay Captain

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