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Clan: Hydra

Number of members: 40
Tagline: Cut one head off, two more will take its place!
Created: 3/18/2016

Bio: ============================[Hydra]==============================
Hydra is the merger of the old Appalachian Warlight Federation and ILLUMINATI▲ clans.

Hydra has two main heads: strategic players and casual players; but we focus on having a friendly, thriving community above all else. To strategic players, the clan helps develop their strategic skills. To casual players, we offer a variety of interesting games to play. This clan is a mosaic of personalities, as we originate from two separate communities, spanning the world.

Hydra uses a Discord chat to communicate, requiring a Discord account.


Players are sorted into classes based on the Hydra Crown League.
- Hero (H) = Group A
- Demigod (D)= Group B
- Master (M) = Group C
- Warrior (W)= Group D
- Muse (NP) = Not participating


- A Promotion/Relegation League using the 1v1 ladder template
- The Hydra Crown League is a 1v1 CLOT currently being developed by knyte and Derfellios allowing players to sign up and have games automatically created for them
- The 2v2 Premier League a inter-clan 2v2 CLOT slated to begin later in 2017, message GE or Derfellios if you want to participate. The current plan is to run the league via Discord and a bot. Discord participation is recommended
- Clan League

To join Hydra you must have:

- Low boot rate (<10%)
- Be an active player (Must login at least every 20 days)

We don't have strict prerequisites, especially if we like your personality or see great potential. But we prefer that you have either:

- Good 1v1/2v2/3v3 Stats (50%+ win rates are sufficient)
- Good Ladder Stats

Contact Derfellios or Great Expanse if:
- You wish to set up a cross-clan event
- You wish to join the clan


Hail Hydra!

Clan Member Title
Green Turtle Hydralisk (H)
Black Dragon Apprentice
Milly Master
HotBeachBum Warrior
Hunta Demi-God
Legend of the Phoenix Warrior
ppface Little Boss (H)
Sebus Maximus Hero
Derfellios Demigod
SamDatt Demi-God
The Glorious Koala Original Koala - (H)
Great Expanse Servant of Hanky
shyb Hero
TheThedde Master
ARand0mPlayer Master
Stealth90 Master
Simi the Lunatic
Blortis Big (D) Boss
The Hysterical Koala ScatterbrainedAF (H)
kachan Muse
Python's Koala Demigod
❤HankyPinky Great At Yelling!
xCrypticX Hero
Character Warrior
Doc Master Practitioner
Diablo Rojo Demigod
MightySpeck (a Koala) Koala Bare Kare (M)
Ryzys Hydra's Monkey (H)
WhoHitMyCar Master
Oscar Warrior
Yellowswag Apprentice
Andrew Demigod
The Joey Demi-God
Zboro Lonely Club - (W)
L'Esophogas Respiratory Doctor
Audax Jumping Zpider (H)

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