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Clan: Apprentice

Number of members: 22
Tagline: No longer only for kebab lovers.
Created: 4/15/2016

Bio: Do you want to learn from the best? Then Apprentice is what you're looking for!

Apprentice is MASTER's brother clan, our goal is to share knowledge and improve together.

If you are willing to learn and have a good understanding of WarLight, please set up a game or talk to Min34/Brennain/NeRo.

We strive for, and take pride in an active and connected clan. We use Skype for communication and it is strongly recommended you use it as well.

We're also a no-alt clan, so if you're thinking of joining, please do so with your main account.

Clan Member Title
sloppyfatginger GloppySadFinger
{{NeRo}} Fishing for luckies
PhucilliJerry Juicy Phil
Ender Finisher
Koopa Troopa Troopa Koopa
Min34 Roood
Midazolam Quack quack
ShaOwned Get Owned!
mslasm Polite as usual
mtt Must trust trump
Brénainn Golddigga
e2718 Euler
General DRazz Military Strategist
daftpunk One More Time
Gulius Jäsar Calculator
N Eway
Tribalwars Dancing penguin
Chotta Bheem Little Bheem
Khally Quietly does it
Tito Guaraná Antarctica
Master Bunch of nubs

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