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Clan: CORP

Number of members: 85
Tagline: Like a phoenix, we'll always reborn from our ashes
Created: 6/30/2016

Bio: Welcome to CORP!

We're an overall laid-back mixed clan, for Strat and Roleplayers of all kinds.

What we offer (totally not corp-orate bullshit):
♦A friendly community filled with forums and chat games for more interaction;
♦Constant stream of games, strat and/or RP, for anyone who asks;
♦Strategic assistance to make you git gud;
♦Scenario and templatemaking hints so less people says "n o l o t t o" everytime you invite them to a game;
♦Jin-Roh brigade, for the top 20 players of the clan, ranked in periodic shortlists
♦Queues for players to control what games they want to be invited to and how many;
♦Booty pics straight outta Scotland from OxTheAutist's 15 centimeter wide right butt cheek;
♦A goddamn Katana that may or may not be specifically designed for comitting sudoku.


If you want to join, contact one of these players:


Once done, your application will be voted in by the Gunjikomon Council. You'll be sent a response telling you if you passed it or not; if you did, you'll also receive an invitation, in which case you should click "Accept" to the left side of this post!

Normal reasons for being denied include:
♣Insanely unreliable boot rate;
♣Toxic and/or known for toxicity;
♣Being an alt without telling us whose;

Got kicked out? Check for these possiblities:
♠You were inactive for a long period of time without warning us in beforehand;
♠You got a mail explaining what could've got you kicked;
♠You were extremely toxic somewhere;
♠We got hijacked (again).


Looking for players for your game? Take a look at the CORP Spreadsheet! Players in the "Scorpio" section want challenges and invitations for strategic spars! Players in the "Hyaku-men" section want to fight the balance of love and hate as characters other than themselves in Diplomacy games!


Clan Member Title
orionaux Orion-gold-str8edge
mm3100 non-m'h monkey
Baer Bare Bae Bear
Moustache cash stash 'Stache Shekelstash
Onoma94 Onumanuma iei
Tjoex チュクス
Ragnar Lothbrok LothBrok Obama
OxTheAutist 시우민 [김민석]
(Teishi) mōshiwakearimasen min'na » [Hates long names]
siirial keeler
Thanatos D. Ven D is for...
muddleszoom mUdleYsZOm!!!1one
TheBeast_MD MD->CMU
Lionheart lionheART
The Shots fired & called
Spike the dragon
Prabster Realm Account Guardian
Ink Splatoon gg last splatfest :(
{Canidae} Kretoma Rektoma
terry_cloth is naked
BigMeck Best McD meal
Noobster11 Lobster11
Chancho Chan-chan
Pink Dutch Mafia Consort
Nergal Dutch Mafia Insider
Legi Temporary guest star
Gektorian Ret Gekt
McMuller It's jidf not gif
Leo nardus3.0
Darth Darth Binks Shart Shart Kinks
Roy Not in Brawl kekeke
Boomshank Soarry boot that, eh
Redthing Dutch Mafia Hitman
buggy(ง'̀-'́)ง a baby rides him
Amesys French Veteran
BaronSengir Dutch Mafia Forger
[WOLF] Marconios your mum
DerWyyy There Why!
psykkoman Tongtwister overlord
tomjh toe jam
Oljo olio, olzho, olaf
besten Meilleur than German
HomeLess roast more than oven
DavidG Where's New Zealand?
Calypso southern german
[WOLF]Andrew peace-loving hippie
Leonardus2.0 Dutch Mafia Troll
MrDecoder rubix cube guy
Dijonon The 100
Fistandanthalas Fast and Indanthalas
Richter1 Makes me shaky
[LN] General Iyarkonan 東方 Legend
MangaMinx AnimeAlligator
King Jums kazoo
Codemaster01 MASTER CLAN
red alert beep! beep!
Derkie Mafia Framer
lingolingo ognilognil
marcus123 singapore
TheDukeOfDank TheDukeOfDiplos
Arjan Visser Dutch Mafia Mafioso
ajax5206 91831289312938132918
Eclipse Pokémon Sun&Moon
Lord Olaf Iverstone Lord of the 99 Tanks
Jav Salgreco's alt
Wan03 Lozt03
Kyrene There's porn of it
Brutalbasterd that's pretty brutal
Dublin Warrior >is not in dublin
alpha1248 1632641282565121024
Vincenzo VII "The Scientist" Where's the second?
Spooky 4spooky16me
Golden Angle Angular angel
turnipninja Hooohya!
LeGreatness Francaise
Von Jewburg Tchaicucksky
Cilghal93 Fake Onny </3
Churchill Tokyo Corpfather
{CORP} Cat Jugg name generator
Bruceleroi King Bruce Lee
Fabulous Squirrel Ekk ekk!

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