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Clan: The Unbootables

Number of members: 1
Created: 11/10/2016

Bio: ***The clan calling itself "Felidae" and "After_Dark" are impostor clans and as such, Fizzer has allowed the original Felidae to change its name!***

The Unbootable oath: "Cats are NEVER off the cob!"

What is The Unbootables?

We are a friendly group of intellectual, dexterious Warlight players. If you like cats please join us! Meow! :3
Can I join The Unbootables?

Yes, if you are dexterous, intellectual, do not do crimes or induce people to do crimes here, and have not been blacklisted by the Pan-Feline Forces, then you can come. Membership will be given to those who do 3/5 things here:
+never exacerbated the forums
+gas yourself (with clean air)
+hate all dogs/not believing dogs are in existence
+be a Hebrew supremacist (And Jews are never terrorists you know)
+never discriminated based on breed

If you satisfy the conditions above please message Euathlus (formerly: Chatul). We wish to gather most cat-lovers on Warlight here since this is our natural home on Warlight.
What does The Unbootables offer?

Dexterous stuff is coming! :3
Which clans are allied to The Unbootables?

Well we have three perpetual allies, Cats, The Juggernauts Clan and Miezekatze Hunters. We are also on good terms with the Cacaocian Empire and Fifth Column Confederation which may be upgraded to a perpetual ally. We wish to get along with Hawks, Blitz, 101st, Lynx, Outlaws, Poons, EIC etc as well. We are willing to get along with every clan that does not oppose our philosophy.:3

Tentative (nonexistent) divisions:
1.Panthera, our strategic division, subdivided into Lions, Tigers and Leopards.
2.Lynx, our role play division.
3.Acynonyx, our cartographic division, also known as Cheetahs.
4.Puma, our division of new ideas.
5.The Unbootables, our new division of managership.

Clan Member Title

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