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Clan: {rp} The Roleplayers Guild

Number of members: 34
Tagline: When in doubt, sacrifice a virgin
Created: 9/23/2013

Bio: Greetings, wayward Warlight surfer. Allow us to introduce ourselves. We, the Role Players Guild, are a ragtag bunch of Warlight enthusiasts brought and held together by the single yet multi-faceted joy found in playing games for purposes beyond global domination. We find that in Warlight, just as in life, making friends and enjoying the trials and triumphs of each passing turn are inherently more satisfying than exerting the lion’s share of our energies towards accumulating the biggest slice of pie before our game is over. That said, all (well, most) of us are human and thoroughly enjoy giving and receiving a good butt-kicking from time to time.

As {rp}, many of us thrive on games in which we represent ourselves as someone or something else. These games are often futuristic, apocalyptic, historic, barbaric, anticlimactic, therapeutic, democratic, geographic, alcoholic, psychopathic, or just downright slow. We also play quite a few experimental and alternative games, in which rather than role-playing, we simply enjoy the myriad of ways in which Warlight lets us play.

As a general matter of role-playing opinion, we tend to prefer games with a premise and a goal, but with the freedom for each player to take his character where he wishes, as opposed to games with an excess of rules prescribing what can and cannot be done.

Our screening process for new members is somewhat over-reliant on whether or not we can smell you from our home computers. If you’re interested in joining, would like to be invited to any of our games, have a suggestion to make, or would simply like to put forth a witty insult, feel free to contact one of our members and we’ll guide you in the right direction.

Please contact snife or Ranek for any questions.

Clan Member Title
Has quit playing Shadowrunner
{rp} Kingmaker Warrior Poet
{rp} eisenheim PrimeMinister
Astarac made out of weed
Malteus [GER]
Scearhead D. Luffy Pirate King
Incaman mainly retired
Tanos Phoenix
Ranek GreatComrade (Admin)
{rp} Clavicus Vile Founder
snife Royal Brewer
{rp} Ibn Batuta ConsoleCowboyRETIRED
Liutenant Bello
{rp} General Mac Founder (AwoL)
{rp} Blackwatch Porch Ninja
{rp} Kvich RainmanRatherRetired
Mali actually male
Atanatar II Alcarin 'the Glorious' foot masseuse
Pineapple Express rather likes bananas
{rp} Wishing Gold Hammer Among Eggs
Gen. NumbNuts Nuke Abuse
{rp} pedrito retired
{rp} Napoléon St. Helena > effort
{rp} Julius Caesar Village Idiot
Phantom Lord Bugaboo
staats initiape
Arramzy General Ganja
Skynet {rp}
MrOobling Extraterrestrial Pro
Battle-For-Thine-Existence Initiate
Emperor of Mankind King of a Nutshell

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